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What Distracts You While Driving?

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AB Editor | 11:00 Tue 21st Sep 2010 | Motoring
12 Answers
Today's roads are more distracting than ever inside the car and out - with satellite navigation systems, occasionally bizarre traffic calming, and of course, passengers, The AnswerBank wants to know, what distracts you most?

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What Distracts You Most While Driving?

  • External factors - billboards, shop windows, other people - 18 votes
  • 62%
  • People in the car - kids, passengers - 6 votes
  • 21%
  • Technology - sat navs, mobile phones, stereo - 5 votes
  • 17%

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Good drivers do not get distracted !

A lot of idiotic drivers do !
I've never understood why people leave memorials at side of road where people have died. It can be very distracting and cause more crashes
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Unexpected Women Streakers
In general I don't get distracted, but I did once go through a red light (at an empty juction thankfully) - while trying to deal with my two kids fighting in the back of the car. Now I have one sit in the back and one in the front and they know not to carry on in the car as the punishment is severe!!! (Usualy a loss of screen time for a day or two)
Not too much,but nowadays you have to have all your wits about you,watching
out for others. Driving now has become "dog eats dog" or "survival of the fittest".
The manner in the which some pr!cks drive often leaves a lot to be desired.
While my boyfriend was driving my car on the weekend, he got so distracted by a sign stating how many accidents there had been on that road that he very nearly missed a sharp bend. Seemed rather ironic really.
Bloody kids definitely. My baby screamed so much in the car and I always had to put his dummy in whilst driving. I know you shouldn't but its not always possible to stop and the screaming is much more distracting. Thankfully now he puts it back in himself from the clip.
With driving HGVs for a good number of years without the "Today's Tech" eg/ Sat Navs, & the cursed Mobile bloody phones, people then had time to help each other as I often did, Females with Flat tyres etc, The law should be changed regards the Mobile, if you get caught an INSTANT BAN FOR 3 MONTHS + £100 this will cure these people that think its safe to answer an unessary bloody phone call about sod all that could not wait. whats more important! answering your mobile or some one's life?
Apparently 4get, those flowers etc tied to lampposts are known as "cellotaphs". A play on cenotaph and sellotape!
Agree TWR. Whenever I get in the car I have to put my phone on silent and put it in my handbag on the back seat so that I couldn't hear it ring. I think it would be too much of a temptation to answer it otherwise (sad I know).
either daydreaming or spotting an attractive young lady exposing some ankle flesh.

sometimes i can be driving along and then wonder whether the lights i passed a mile or so back were actually green. i think we go into auto-mode and this is very distracting and dangerous indeed.

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What Distracts You While Driving?

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