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breaking into a ford transit

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ste v | 18:10 Thu 15th Jul 2010 | Motoring
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im been done for serious misconduct at work because some tools were stolen out of my van one night - because there was no damage to the van my work has presumed that i didn't lock it - does anyone know how a vehicle could be broken into without causing any damage (all doors except drivers are de-locked and can only be opened by the remote centrol locking key) ive heard of the scanner which copies the signal my key sends out then recreates it for later use but would like a few more options ??? thanks


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nope,i believe thats an urban myth,( i have been in the trade for years working with insurance companies & i have never come across one yet,)the key systems generate different codes when used , millions of options for that very reason. Answer to your question iam not aware of any way of breaking in without some form of visible damage.
My Transit was broken into in Deptford a few years back by levering open the side door at the point where the door runs on a rail along the side of the van.If you go back and check it leaves very little damage bar some minor distortion that is hidden from view by the door but can be seen if you have a good look......needless to say the door just pops open and locks come undone....and all my tools became an income for some crack head...
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that;'s true about a mini key too, my brother, sister and I all had a mini each in 1975/76 and we could open each others cars, mine was an mg mini too and theirs were both mini coopers
my old Fiesta key opened most Fiestas
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Stev(e) did you report the theft to the police and get a crime number cos your company insurance will cover the cost of the loss of a few tools, you should also ask the police if they have any intelligence on how these vans get broken into as there is always a way. Don't put up with being 'done' ay work, are you in a union or can you contact your local Emploment tribunal office, make sure that you have a witness when you are interviewed at work and make sure that you are not being victimised for other reasons
The transits at our work lock automatically 20 seconds after the door is shut, pain in the elbow to be honest, especially when you`ve left the keys in it
I had a 1996 Ford Escort and a colleague with another 1996 Escort inadvertently opened my door with his key. My key would not open his door, though and neither key could start the other car.
^ Your locks rebuilt wrong.
Only one key will open, ANY will lock. That's by design.
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A neighbour of mine had his van broken into on his driveway and had tools removed. They got into the van by taking out one of the rear windows. Not to hard to work out what past experience the criminal had.
I would have thought that pinching tools from a van is childs' play for any experienced thief who makes a life of it. I used to work for a domestic window company (I hate to admit!). Many burglaries occur when experienced burglars quickly remove a window from it's frame. If they want to be especially nasty they replace the window when they leave with no signs of damage. That leaves the home-owner with insurance problems as there are no visible signs of break-in. I'm sure it's just as easy with a vehicle.

I know in the 1970s and 80s Ford were notorious for only using six different types of lock on all their models. The boot key of an Escort would would open the doors of a Cortina and start a Fiesta etc. All any car thief needed were six different Ford keys and they could open and drive away any Ford as easily as the owners.

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breaking into a ford transit

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