what to do about slow punctures...?

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joko | 11:26 Mon 26th Apr 2010 | Motoring
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i have 3 slow puncture (!) and have to pump them up about every 4 days or so...and obviously i dont want to have to replace all 3 at once...can they be fixed? or do i have to just get them replaced?

i have got some emergency flat tyre sealant sort of stuff - woudl this work permanently on them? because obviously the hole is very small?

can the garage just patch them?

could it even be the sealant they use to attach the tyre to the rim has come a bit loose and can be glued back on (there is no innner tube on these), but how would they know?

thanks all


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And you're continuing to drive with tyres in that condition ?

If the puncture is NOT on the wall of the tyre, they can usually be repaired. But you need to get something done PDQ for the safety of other road users, even if you are blase about your own..........
get them replaced. I know you dont want to do all 3 at once but do you want an accident instead? You could ask for the cheapest tyres.
I would imagine if a policeman saw your tyres you'd get done........
and would never pass the MOT so you have to get them done at some point
Have you got alloy wheels,if so that would probably be the case,notorious for it some alloys.The only way to get round it is send your alloys to be sandblasted and repainted.
Apply washing liquid to inflated tyre to see where it expels. Maybe the metal holding tyre is cracked (from kerbing); metal can be welded.

I carry inflator Argos = £15, in boot

scary stuff !! 3 slow punctures ?? assuming as jackthehat says its not on the wall they can be plugged not normaly to may just be valves leaking, need someone who knows what they are doing to check it out a.s.a.p....
They can be repaired if the puncture is not on the side wall. As they are slow punctures there is no need to replace the tyres as long as the puncture is on the part of the tyre that goes on the road. Any tyre place will fix them, don't go to Kwik fit though they'll try and rip you off. I'd get it done quickly though before a slow puncture becomes a fast one and you shred the tyre and possibly have an accident.
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well thanks for all the snotty answers telling me to do something about this - what the hell do you think ive come on here to do??

thanks to the others for the practical advice

anyway, ive just thought, they all happened at around the same time about 2 weeks ago i suppose they cant really be valve leaks or defective seals can i must have run over something that manage to stick in 3 tyres... also means its likely not on the wall either so i can afford to get them fixed rather than replaced - i simply dont have £140 -whatver it would take to replace all 3

will a normal small garage be able to plug the holes - or must it be a proper tyre centre?

Is there a Tyreland near you? they are pretty good, It would be best and cheapest to go to a proper tyre place if you can.
my son in law just had a repair done and was charged £5.00
My answer is only 'snotty' because you are obviously driving a vehicle with defective tyres and even if you aren't concerned about your life or that of your passengers, I am concerned for other road-users and pedestrians who will become involved in your RTA.

If you haven't got the money, don't drive the bloody thing until you have !!
I don't think any of the answers came across as snotty. More a matter of fact...
ignore the motoring evangelists joko, they'll carp on about details but in reality they are the types on the road who cause accidents because they may have a perfectly turned out vehicle but they still can't drive the bl00dy thing.
3 together - r u on tv police program speeding over blockers.

Get re-treads; cheaper. Tyre centres give best advice.
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lol R1 and tambo

I asked for advice to solve a problem - not smart arrse comments that im a danger to the road, police, mots etc etc...all those comment were of no help to me whatsoever, and just and excuse to tell me to do something that i was already doing

the tyre are fullly inflated and stay that way for 4-5 days...i am not driving around on flat tyres!
as i said it has only just happened really.

thanks chas, thats good to know - thats an affordable price

people get flat tyres all the time...very few of them are life threatening....
Buy the gadget.....saves time & expense, till your ready. I get same with off-side front thru kerbing & potholes. Everytime I collect petrol there's someone stuck with flattened tyre & air OOO. My machine has saved lots; & saved me waiting 3h for AA
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ummm..i consider being told that i obviously dont care about the lives of other people or myself, and being called a criminal that should be done by the police...and the implication that im driving around in a deathtrap, a bit snotty and over the top

i asked for simple advice
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thanks - i already have an air pump and as i said, i keep them completely inflated...topping them up as soon as they start to shop any sign of deflating
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an yes i did suspect that it was down to parking just a tiny bit on the kerb and not noticing...i have heard that this can force air out of the valves...

just seems odd that its so maybe some were down to that..

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