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What are your views on exaggerating motor insurance claims in a bid to make money from insurance companies?

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AB Editor | 15:41 Wed 21st Apr 2010 | Motoring
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When it comes to insurance claims we can all find dealing with our insurance companies a pain - especially when the accident wasn't even our fault. With this in mind, have you, or would you, ever "exaggerate" a motor insurance claim?


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What are your views on exaggerating motor insurance claims in a bid to make money from insurance companies?

  • I would never consider exaggerating any injury in order to gain compensation - 38 votes
  • 83%
  • If I sustained an injury from a negligent driver I would do my best to gain some compensation even if it meant exaggerating slightly - 8 votes
  • 17%

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Morning Ed,

I would NEVER fake an injury from an accident, or an illness or disease. I'm of the belief that when you cry wolf it does appear.

But I know of people who have made false claims on their vehicles though.
I'm a rotten liar
Can we believe that, panic button?
Insurance cheats are thieves imo.
i did once exaggerate my whiplash a bit ...but i had a very good reason to do so...

i was passenger in a clipped from the side...totally not the drivers fault. on stopping one man had a go at the driver (who was upset and scared) and the other came to me - with a clip board - and said to me to say it was his fault and we'll get you 2 grand, its what we do... he went on a bit longer to convince me, but i said i was fine and not interested. he said we do this all the time.
i later got a snotty phone call about it trying again to get me to go on their side.

i of course went on the side of the taxi driver and exaggerated - just a bit regarding pain etc...i did actually have a previously bad neck due to hypermobility and the sudden pressure from the seatbelt gave me a chest infection - and i have asthma so it was somewhat more although the pain i felt because of the whiplash was sore but not excruciating, the future problems that could have been caused through this...and even the potential lung problems, warranted them paying out. i do believe that the pains in my neck to this day were exacerbated by the accident
i think they saw a young woman and thought it was 'safe' - ie i wasnt likely to drop dead of a heart attack...but for all they knew i could have been pregnant, had an asthma attack, been heading to the hospital or to see a sick relative etc etc, as it was i was late for work - which is almost unforgivable in my line of work and caused no end of trouble
i got £2200
I never in a milllion milion million overexert
A lot of American Insurance Comp's insist that cars have in-board time / dated front windscreen pillar mounted camera, this should apply in the UK, It helps convict the liars out there it can also prove who was at fault, it's the size of a sensor alarm & removable if required, I would also think that it can reduce your Premium, If there are American A.Bankers out there put us in the know regards this requirement.
I would not do this myself nor would I condone it from others. It is not only dishonest but amounts to fraud and is therefore illegal. Any such claims, if/when successful, are paid for by premiums paid by everyone (and probably not just on motor insurance).
I wouldn't fake an injury but I have exagerated one.

This wasn't to make 'loads of money' but to get back enough to buy a car equal to the one written off.

I would have been out of pocket by the £1000 I got for whiplash. I only got a comperable car. It wasn't an upgrade or anything like that but I fail to see why I should be out of pocket by so much (or anything at all) because of someone elses inability to drive properly.

If the insurers paid out the actual cost of replacement and not the trade price which most mear mortals don't get then there qwould be far less 'exagerating'.
right so i pay say 700 a year car ins make a claim say am hurt more than i am get what ??? 2 k or 3k over the next few years it goes from 700 to 1000 then down abit next year 875 or so ??? what have i managed other than make my insurance company richer
It is not the claimant who benefits from a claim, the solicitors make the exaggeratted claims for fill in documents!!!
Exagerrating a claim amounts to fraud and as such is a criminal offence! If I remember correctly, 30% of your motor insurance premium relates to the cost of fraudulent claims and uninsured drivers.

In a non-fault accident, do not accept an offer of 'knock for knock', but insist that your insurers both contest any claim against you and demand full reparation against the other party. Furthermore ensure that any no claims bonus that you have is not affected subsequently.
Hi.Over the last five years I have had two accidents which were argueably my fault, they were very minor and with minimum damage to the cars involved; However both third parties claimed for whiplash/trauma which was absolute balderdash ( I could have used a swearword but I try not to lower the tone because the AB rises above that).....I don't know what the outcome of the claims were except it was probably reflected in my renewal premium, 70% increase........Since all that story I have been hit in the rear and have sustained substantial to my car but no damage to me or my passengers
In continuance to my last answere I was advised by friends and associates to "go the whole hog" and claim whiplash, broken bones, trauma,etc....However it is not in my nature to enter this kind of scam so I must come under the song title "What kind of fool am I?". All the best ABers S.O.G
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a study has shown that exaggeration went up by 740 million thousand % last year.

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