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Halfords roof box lock removal

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theviking51 | 11:38 Wed 10th Feb 2010 | Motoring
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Hi. I have a halfords roof box which has no keys. So i need to change locks.
How do you remove the lock ? It is locked as well...


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you can get replacement keys from halfords so no need to change lock...i think as long as you can prove owner ship of the car the box is on
there is a number on the lock
yes .. probably on the inside.
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thanks will try them in shop. did email them a while ago and they said go to a locksmith?
no, the number is on the front of the lock...i have done this myself and the keys cost me about £15
If you know the actual manufacturer of the roofbox i.e. Thule (not Halfords) then try their website. You may find they will point you in the right direction rather than the YTS kids at Halfords.
Some locksmiths will also be able to make keys just from the code number. They will still want proof of ownership though.
Should add that any locksmith worth their salt will be able to make keys to the lock, however this will mean taking your car in and waiting and will also cost more.
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Thanks for answers. no proof of ownership because given to me by chap who moved away.contacted him but her lost them in move. all the bracket and bits are inside. glad i kept my old one, needed it straight away. by the way its a halfords 250lt.

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Halfords roof box lock removal

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