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Roxburghe / Vinci Parks

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rileysgran | 19:18 Tue 08th Dec 2009 | Motoring
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Can anyone help with an answer to a parking fine that I have received from my local hospital, run by a private firm called Vinci. I was waiting in a "waiting zone" for my wife, left the car to go and get her, and returned to a fine of £50. This was passed to a Debt Collection firm called Roxburghe, without any further correspondence from Vinci. They are now hounding me with phone calls and letters, to say I will be passed to a solicitor if I don't pay. Is this legal? And how do they get my address and telephone number?


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On entering the car park you agreed to abide by their terms so it is legal but more a matter of breach of contract, as mdoo98 suggests take a look on moneysavingexpert. http://www.moneysavin...ivate-parking-tickets

Would point out however that technically as you'd left the vehicle in order to meet your wife you weren't waiting but parked.

The DVLA would have provided your address details and unless you're exdirectory probably a few minutes work for a bailiff company to get your telephone number.
As usual my advice is to ignore but to keep all paperwork. See here also for reassurance.


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Roxburghe / Vinci Parks

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