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How disabled do you need to be for a Blue Badge?

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padanarm | 21:52 Fri 22nd May 2009 | Motoring
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How disabled do you need to be for a Blue Badge?

I was at the local ASDA today and saw ALL the Blue Badge bays were filled by huge 4x4s with Blue Badge cards. I have a few friends who have Blue Badges for genuine mobility problems so I take a personal interest.

I thought you could only get a Blue Badge if you had higher DLA mobility, meaning you had severe difficulty walking or climbing? So how comes someone with severe mobility probs can climb into and drive a huge 4x4?


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i dont really understand how you equate inability to walk very far with inability to get in a big car!
I myself have a blue badge and find cars that are higher off the ground much easier to get in an out of than an ordinary saloon car. The application for a blue badge does not specify how good you have to be at "climbing"(!?)
plus, people who other illness such as angina or lung disease can also qualify because they cannot walk far without becoming symptomatic. I dont think angina usually impinges on ones ability to "climb" either! oringAndTransport/DG_4001061

the driver doesn't have to be the one with the disability, but it's a well known abused system.
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Oops! Sorry bednobs, I was making assumptions.

One of my friends has a severe physical disability (spinal probs) and has a blue badge. He has made me aware of the number of motorists who abuse the BB scheme.

I had assumed that apparently able-bodied drivers who could load a car with bags of groceries were abusing the BB scheme. I didn't realise they could be family members shopping for the card holder.

I assumed BBs were for people with physical disabilities and never realised the implications of less obvious medical issues, such as angina.
i am not allowed to drive but a blue badge holder,son has to take me,i have a wheelchair but i usually walk into the store,i find it really hard to get a space and often have to sit in the car til a space becomes available,some of the users look extremely fit,but a lot have hidden illnesses
If a family member is shopping for the card holder, and the card holder is either not accompanying the driver or is sitting in the car, the blue badge must not be used, nor a disabled parking space.
These can only be used by the disabled badge holder.
The confusion arises because of the 'disabled class' road tax, which is free. The vehicle can only be used by the disabled person, or on behalf of the disabled person, so somebody else could drive it to get the disabled person's shopping, without the disabled person.

It is an offence if people other than the badge holder take advantage of the parking concessions provided under the scheme. The maximum fine if someone is convicted is �1,000 plus any additional penalty for the related parking offence.
If you are a badge holder, it can only be used for your benefit. If a trip is for someone else and you are a passenger and staying in the vehicle, you cannot use the badge simply to let them benefit from free parking. oringAndTransport/DG_4001061
As a BB holder I take advantage of the disabled parking bay as the extra width allows me to get into and out of my wheelchair.
What annoys me is the people who cannot walk a few extra yards across the car park but then proceed to walk around the supermarket. Do they really need a blue badge?.
I hope these replys help to open your mind a little padanarm.

I have a blue badge for my sons as they are both disabled, I only use it when they are travelling in the car with me.
I wish the car parks would do more about people parking in disabled spaces that don't have a blue badge.

that makes my blood boil.

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How disabled do you need to be for a Blue Badge?

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