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Tesco car engine oil, 2 litre packs only ....?

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LAW_DROP-OUT | 13:43 Wed 18th Jun 2008 | Motoring
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Tesco seem keen only to market 2 litre packs of engine oil ,,, most cars when doing a full engine oil change take at least 3.5 litres ,,, depending on engines ,,,so these 2 litre packs seem , really "top up 2 , type packs ,,, years ago tesco did used tim sell 5 litre tins of engine oil ,,,, are these 2 litre packs more profitable for Tesco ...any one throw some light on it ? ..... Norman the dog , are you tere ?


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I,,,,,assume that,,,,selling,,2,litres,,of fuel will ,,,be more,profitable for,,them,,,,,as you will need at,,least two of them,,,,,to do the oil,,,change,,,,,,,. it's,,,,all,,about profits,,,these,,,days,,,,,,I,,,am not sure,,,if,,,norman the dog,,,is there,,,,,I,,have just,,,,benn in Tescos,,,,and didn't,,,,see,,, him
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auitable answer sqbear ....theres .. a lot ...of dots ... in ur ..... reply ,... regards d ....p ...
So why is 2 x 2 litre packs worse than a 5 litre can, when you need 3.5 litres?
Are you mental???
buy castrol or mobil one then
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i oftenly do by Castrol/mobil , 5 litre cans ..... good day all ... it just seems amatuerish , a large company like tesco , not offering larger 5ltr/4ltr , cans ,,,,its like their BUYING DEPT, employ a lot of school leavers , to make decisions ....... still there cans of car shampoo at �2 a throw , are worth putting in the shopping list ,,,,,
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some engines require 4.5 litr in a full engine oil change , so 5ltr / 4.5 ltr cans of OIL would be the better puchase ....
so you want them to sell, 2L, 4L, and 5L at least? most sales at a supermarket forcourt are probably to those just wanting to top up their oil rather than change it so it is probably better for tesco to just supply the smaller bottles and leave the larger bottle supply to companies who specialise in motor products.

maybe if they started selling oil filters as well you could change the oil in the car park, would be better than risking getting oil on your driveway :)
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good answer crx ,,, but i still think buying deoartments ..... at large companies are run , by school leavers ,,,,, donkeys years ago Tesco , did sell 5 litre ,,,,, cans motor oil ....... in the olden days ....
LMAO @ Squarebear and LMFAO @ Law's response to it!
and why did they stop selling them?? probably because they didnt have a large turnover and they take up valuable selling and storage space which could be turned over to another product.

Perhaps the school leavers have the sense to realise it wasnt a profitable product.

go to halfords and stop worrying yourself about the olden days and the staff of tesco, they seem to do ok with who they do employ!
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Tesco are very customer focused , so they could assist in this query ,,,,,- anyone having had ny own "employee account " , when i worked with MOTOR SPARES/FACTORS - suppliers .... i occasionly used to "obtain2 , 5 litre of Castrol , but book it out on my account as 1 litre only ,.....someone was getting "short chained " , and in return for this my employer were getting as useful worker ,,,,,me Law drop /o ......
youre right, they could assist with this query, have you emailed them for information or are you waiting to see if the customer service manager is on AB today?
Question Author
i wonedr if i can get an account with Tesco , like just a verbal agreed account..... how r u REDCRX ......
Question Author
redcrx also got three red ones from me ..... stars thast is ..
you will not get credit with tesco, they may accept certain fuel cards or get one of their credit cards, pay off in full each month and earn tesco points on the purchases.

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Tesco car engine oil, 2 litre packs only ....?

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