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Land Rover Query

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leighb | 21:42 Mon 21st Jan 2008 | Motoring
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Hi can any one help with this one, On a diff lock, does it lock all four wheels to turn together, This is what I have always believed as years ago when I got my Range Rover stuck in a bog I put it in low diff lock and am sure all four wheels span, Older landies do not have a diff lock and there fore only one wheel on each axle spins if it gets stuck, Am I correct?


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The diff lock locks the differencial between the front and rear wheels, while engaged one of the wheels at the front and one of the wheels on the back will have drive, 2 wheels will have drive not 4, for all 4 wheels to have drive you would also need a difflock on the front and rear axles (3 difflocks not 1)
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So what is the difference between a newer type landy and say a series 3 without a diff lock, does the same thing?
The older land rover without the difflock has permanent 4 wheel drive, to disengage this you need to fit free wheeling hubs on to the front, the downside of not fitting free wheeling hubs is much greater tyre wear.

New land rovers dont have a difflock at all, they use traction control where a locked wheel is released under braking.
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Thankyou for your answers Cazzz, I thought I knew a thing or two about Landrovers, And the worst thing is that it was my 16 yr old sons mate who was telling me this too, I am impressed with him, thought I was going to prove him wrong. I want to start doing a bit of off roading, any 4x4 will do then?
Its a mixed bag really, land rovers are the best of course (sorry Im biased!) but a suzuki jeep can be a lot of fun and sneak through the slim gaps, be prepared for them to get wrecked so nothing fancy. I have a disco which is the best of all worlds :D

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Land Rover Query

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