Travel Expenses Per Mile

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Vasquoy | 21:37 Fri 03rd Aug 2007 | Motoring
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I recently went for an interview and was told that I would be paid travel expenses whilst at work "at the highest level they could pay me before I got taxed".

I have read reams of articles about how the Government want to change it to 40p for the first however many miles, then 25p.

What would I expect to get per mile at the moment?


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HMRC says it's 40p per mile for the first 10,000 miles.
At the outset 40p per mile is the hghest they can pay you.

They are not obliged to pay that amount and indeed many firms don't.
The 40p and 25p figures are the figures you can claim against tax when you run your own car usually if you are self employed and you dont get paid anything towards running costs.
If you work for a company they can pay any figure they want, but typically between 20 and 40p per mile.
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That's interesting. I think that's why I was confused because the company I work for now which is attached to a local authority pays its drivers about 50p a mile but they never get taxed.

So does anyone know if there is an upper limit for tax purposes otherwise I guess they could pay you your wages as travelling expenses and save a huge amount on tax!!

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Travel Expenses Per Mile

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