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A written off car and car insurance

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Car Fanatic | 18:59 Thu 31st May 2007 | Motoring
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My next door neighbour has had an accident in their car and they said that they can no longer use it as it is a write off and they are no longer insured. It looks perfectly drivable to me as the damage is not preventing them from driving it, therefore, I don't understand why the insurers would stop their insurance.

Is what they say correct? Will the only person to remove the car in the future be the insurance company once liability for the accident has been confirmed?


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the insurance company will still insure the person but the vehicle is considered unroadworthy, and the property of the insurance company.(therefore not the neighbours property, he will also be not allowed to drive it)

chances are there has been some damage that may not be visible externally but sufficiently enough to make it a danger
the car only belongs to the insurers when they have paid for it, is your neighbour intending to keep the salvage? Quite minor damage can cause a car to be written off. The fact that its written off does not necessarily mean its unroadworthy, a few keyed panels can constitute a write off if the car has a low value
My car was written off and my insurers offered me a sum of money plus the car back if I wanted it. I did't take it, I accepted a higher payout but I could have had it back if I wanted it.

It just means that it would cost more to repair than it is worth. I had been driving round in mine for 2 weeks between the accident and it being written off so it as perfectly drivable and roadworthy. It was just that the whole side panel neede repairing and as the car was quite old, it wasn't worth doing.
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Right, here we go: if the car is uneconomical to repair, it's written off and the policy is cancelled immediately. It doesn't matter if it is unroadworthy or not. The vehicle only becomes their property once the claim has been settled.
The insurers will move the car once it's been written off, which will usually be before the claim has been settled. This way they prevent further claims being made for example if it's vandalised or another car hits it.
Hope this helps.
once the car is writing off by the insurance company and they are going to pay out they cancel insurance so you cant carry on driving it about

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A written off car and car insurance

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