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Driving my girlfriend's car whilst not insured....

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Hollybobs | 14:27 Mon 07th May 2007 | Motoring
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I was caught driving without my seatbelt by the police in my girlfriend's car and they have asked for a copy of the insurance certificate.
I have checked the insurance certificate and for the first time for years I am not a named driver.
Does anyone know what consequences await me.


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Not quite sure no doubt someone will tell you but can't understand why you didn't know you weren't a named driver.I know ever detail on my Insurance as no good saying to them you didn't know.
You will be liable for a hefty fine and at least 6 points on your licence.If you have held a licence for less than 2 years you also face losing your licence until you resit a driving test.

Your girlfriend may also be prosecuted for allowing you to drive her car with no insurance.
If you have a car insured of your own with comp. cover you will be insured to drive other cars with the owners consent on a 3rd party only basis
Rdv's answer isn't necessarily correct. The 'third party - any vehicle provision' used to be fairly standard with all insurance policies (whether or not they were 'fully comprehensive'). However, several companies have now removed this element of cover from all of their policies (including 'fully comprehensive').

If you've not got cover through a policy of your own, the matter will probably be dealt with by a fixed penalty of �200 and 6 penalty points. If the case was to be heard before a court, the maximum fine is �5000, plus 6 to 8 penalty points, and the possibility of an immediate ban.

As has been stated, it's also an offence to 'cause or permit' someone to drive a vehicle without insurance (as your girlfriend has done). The penalties faced by the person doing so are the same as for the driver.

Thats correct Chris some companies have deleted that benefit.
Suggest Hollybobs reads his schedule, he might be lucky, all of our insurers still include it
�150 fine and 6 points, have fun i done the same thing, thats life, good luck
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Will get as copy of my schedule amd hopefully will be insured.
were you a named driver previously? did she get your name taken off? did the insurance company just forget to put your name on the policy?
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Have got a copy of my and my girlfriends schedule and I am not covered by either insurance even though both are fully comprehensive and we have driven each others car unknowingly.
Is there a policeman/solicitor who can give me advice on mitigation of such an innocuous offence.
My car has a seatbelt warning and was fully insured so there was no need for me to take my girlfriends. Even worse our insurance is cheaper now we are both on each others updated insurance

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Driving my girlfriend's car whilst not insured....

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