Parking on a single yellow line on Sunday

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Beswad | 18:56 Sun 29th Apr 2007 | Motoring
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What is the law regarding parking on a single yellow line on Sundays?

I went to Camden market today and decided to park on a side street on a single yellow line, but decided not to after seeing no signs stating you are allowed to park on Sundays. So I parked on pay and display. When I came back within an hour I notice two cars parked on a the single yellow was fined. I always thought you can park freely on a single yellow line on Sundays. Now I know you can't. Can the council change the rules?


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Interesting. Check the highway code link for info on yellow lines -

It shows that whilst there is no waiting on double yellows, that there are shorter restrictions on single yellow lines indicated by a sign. This conflicts with your comments. If there are no signs then they might as well be double yellow lines.
Doubles indicate no waiting 24 hrs a day 7 days a week. Singles denote anything less than this...Doubles don't need sign plates whereas singles do.

Unusual that you didn't get done on the pay and display bays as these tend to follow the hours of restriction applied to the single yellows.
Unless of course you brought a ticket.....
A single yellow line simple means that parking is not permitted at certain times - which should be displayed on a plate.

In some seaside places, for example, there is no parking between May and September. In some market towns there may be no parking on Wednesdays and Saturdays - market days.

It could be that Sundays are 'no parking' in that particular area. Always check the plate.

Incidentally, the plates hardly ever state when parking is allowed. Usually it specifies when you cannot park.
I got a ticket for parking on a yellow line in camden on a sunday. The sign above simply said "no loading mon-Fri 8.30-6.30pm" Saturday "8.30am-1.30pm". There was no mention of Sunday. It seems like they can make up any rules they like and be as vague as possible to maximize revenue.
I parked in camden on single yellow on sunday. The parking sign mentioned no restriction on sunday whatsoever. Got a ticket. They can make up the rules and be as vague as possible about the rules in order to maximize revenue.

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Parking on a single yellow line on Sunday

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