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parking outside your house...

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joko | 00:41 Sat 07th Apr 2007 | Motoring
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is any way whatsover to ensure you can park outside your house, and prevent others parking there?

tell me anything at all, no matter how specific or unusual....we may be able to work with it.

either involving the council or just tips etc



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Unfortunately if its not a private road then anybody can park outside your house.....the only methods really to stop people parking would also mean that you couldn't (double yellow lines etc).

Councils can bring in permit schemes but these are unable to guarantee you a parking place let alone a place directly outside your house.
Correct me if i'm mistaken , but I beleive if you have a drive and the pavement / kerb in front of your drive has been lowered , then other people are not allowed to park in front of your drive
Its a bit of a grey area......if your car is on the drive and they park across it then they are obstructing and that is illegal but there is nothing to stop them parking across it if you're not parked on the drive (apart from common courtesy of course).
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thanks guys,

surely if they park across it while you are not there, then they are still obstructing you from accessing your property...?

i don't have a drive, i am considering it, but obviously cost and expense etc, so if i can find i cheaper way.... - i had to walk about 500 yards in the dark tonight about 11.30, just to get to my front door, because that is the nearest empty space!!!
the only way i can think of, is to get the council to allocate you a space.
dont know if other areas work the same system as our local council, but around here there are parking bays....
i think they are set out for people with disabilities but i dont know for sure !!!!
Ted Heath was the problem. Just before a general election, he brought in a law allowing cars to be parked without lights. Before that, people took the trouble to find parking places, or bought houses with drives. There was no question of expecting the rest of us to provide and maintain parking places for them on the street.

The only way is to have a residents parking scheme in force - the majority of the residents must want it - and each resident has to buy a permit or two.

This will not guarantee a space outside your own home, but will prevent non-residents from parking in the vicinity. This is useful if you live close to a train station, a shopping centre or other venue where people park for hours on end.

Ted Heath is not to blame - it is the boom in two, three and four car families, in houses without parking spaces.

It is still illegal to park offside to kerb at night without lights.
We have just had a residents parking permit introduced were I live - and quite often I still have to walk a couple of hundred yards to where I live.

Sadly, the permits have been changing hands on the 'black market' so there is not really much difference.
buy 2 cheap mopeds, leave them on the road with a gap that does not allow a car to get in between, stick one on your path at night and park in the vacant space. in the morning, do the reverse.

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parking outside your house...

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