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Cameras at lights - please help!

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tammy3000 | 21:02 Mon 12th Mar 2007 | Motoring
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I did something very silly at the lights on the way home tonight and now i'm abit worried! I was coming up to them and they were just turning to amber but i was committed to go. As i went through them they'd just turned to red so i ran a red light. I then reaslied there are actually cameras on the top of all the lights. My question is this - are the cameras there to simply monitor the traffic or do they record you - and therefore could i be convicted for running a red light from the footage from this? If so how many points would this be?? I know this may seem like a very silly question to some but i already have points and am worried about getting any more! thank you very much for your help. Tammy


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There not cameras just senors you will be ok
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phew! thank you!!
Im 99.9 % as there is a web site that tells you which are speed cameras and one that are not.
I looking for the page as we speak
For info If they where cameras then it's at least 3 points + �60.
Red light cameras are set back a bit from the lights. As mrknowall says, those on top are sensors to cxhange the lights when vehicles approach.

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Cameras at lights - please help!

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