Immobiliser problem with land rover discovery

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karensmith16 | 10:22 Mon 19th Feb 2007 | Motoring
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my boyfriend changed the spark plugs on our R reg discovery last week and since then we have not been able to start the car. it is not even turning over as the immobiliser cannot be disarmed. the key fob wont work and the central locking isnt working either. i have tried to access the emergency key access code by entering it into the drivers door but it is not disarming the immobiliser. any suggestions?


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just done that!!!!
Did you find a solution??
if the battery was disconected that could do it, but either way you will need to take it to a dealer because you need to plug in either the t4 teast book or the IDS, i dont think your local garade will have somthing like that coz they cost 18 grand!! sory
I'm sure this answer is too late to help the poster but I had a similar problem and had trouble finding an answer on the internet, but my mate fixed it so I thought I'd share the solution we (he) found!

Basically, I changed the battery and this armed the immobiliser. I don't have a key fob so had no way of disarming it. Had no code number to input into drivers door so rang the original dealer who gave it to me. Tried inputting it a number of times to no avail. It didn't even feel like what I was doing was being registerd in any way. My mate had the idea of taking the door apart (prising off the inside panel, after having unscrewed the door and window handle) to check that the central locking system was connected properly to the immobiliser. It wasn't. So, upon connecting that back together, we were able to input the code and disarm the immobiliser. Trouble was, when the door was shut and locked, then reopened, the immobiliser kicked in again. Turns out that some bright spark had the idea of allowing the key to arm the immobiliser but not disarm it, which explained why the previous owner had disconected the wire from lock to immobiliser. So, we reconnected, disarmed the immobiliser, and then disconnected again, and, no more problems.

Hope that's of some help to someone.
just had something similar .
check the earths on your vehicle

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Immobiliser problem with land rover discovery

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