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Mot - failed today now repairs....

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Bugsysiegel | 19:35 Sat 28th Oct 2006 | Motoring
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Just had a fail for the following and have been quoted about �230 for the repairs (3-4 hours labour apparently)

Offside front constant veolicty joint gaiter split (gaiter on driveshaft I believe)

Both rear direction indicators incorrect colour (bulbs burned out?)

Nearside radius arm rubber bush deteriorated resulting in excessive movement

Near side rear tyre tread below limit.

The quote included the tyre but I am going to check tread on my spare and switch if ok (so potentially minus �35 off of quote). I know I should do the bulbs but wont have time. Does this sound like a reasonable quote?. cheers


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Without knowing what car it is or where in the country you are it's hard to say but it sounds reasonable. They're all pretty simple jobs but the radius arm bush is the one that's most likely to be the lions share of the bill- some cars you just replace the whole arm, including bush: can be an expensive part, and some cars you need to press the bush out and replace it with a new one: not as costly for the bits but more labour.

Most CV joint gaiter replacements I've come across cost about one hour's labour to put right. The boot kit is generally about �25.
My wife's car failed her MOT on one CV gaiter (frayed). A catch 22 situation arose. Do we pay that garage approx �60 to replace it and get the MOT or do we take the car elsewhere where it probably would pass without the repair. I believe many of these smaller garages are finding unnecessary faults in order to get extra business. We won't take our car there again! Does this sound familier?
Replacing the rubber and gaiter usually required dismantling the suspension components to some degree. That can take time and be much of the labour quote.

From what you say, I don't think your indicator bulbs are at fault. it sounds like your rear light lenses might have faded. That happens sometimes with age and the indicator/brake lights then appear too white. They must be the correct colour to pass the test. There is a liquid on the market that you paint on the inside of the lens to return the colour. Failing that, you may need to replace the lenses. They are about a tenner from scrapyard (depending on the car). Maybe your quote includes sorting the lenses out.

Be careful swapping the tyre with the spare. If you put the worn tyre in the boot as the new spare then you can get a ticket for having a defective tyre which is 3 points plus fine. You would have to leave it out of the car - but then you are up the creek if you have a puncture!

Other than that, the labour and cost don't seem too bad for what you say. It does depend on what exactly they are going to do - and don't forget the Vicious Added Tax is on top!
You cannot be charged for a defective tyre unless it is fitted on the car.
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Cheers guys. Its a Rover 416 SLI 1995 with a Honda Engine. I am going to measure the tread with a device I picked up and see. Thanks for the comments.
Toureman is right about the spare tyre. That's news to me as I always thought it had to be legal too.

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Mot - failed today now repairs....

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