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Why does my car cut out when it gets warm?

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pmh0183 | 20:36 Sun 08th Oct 2006 | Motoring
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I have a 1991 Volkswagen Polo Coupe (1045 CC) and I've recently had a problem with my car, as it won't run once it gets warm.

I was on the road for 5 minutes when the car just stopped, as if i'd stalled it - But then it wouldn't start. I tried to start it and it turned over perfetly but would not fire up. After 45 minutes the car does start and will run for 5 mins but then again cuts out. This is the case for the last 48 hours.

I've changed the spak plugs, distributor cap, rotor arm and air filter, but the problem still remains - when its cold my car runs fine, but once it heats up it suddenly just stops (stalls), with no groaning noises or other problems to note.

Can anybody help diagnose this problem??


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fuel starvation, possibly spring in the fuel pump
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For anyone else who has a similr problem, in this case it was a faulty distributor that was losing contact when hot.

This cost me �206.50 - a bosch part for VW.

Is it a mk I or mk II? I dont know if this helps but apparently vw polo's have had alot of head gasket trouble and also they are common for oil leaks which can sometimes leak onto wires in the engine.

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Why does my car cut out when it gets warm?

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