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Peugeot Ecosse. Any problems?

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skunge | 15:42 Tue 29th Aug 2006 | Motoring
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Just wondering if anyone has had any problems with them or am i the only unlucky one who had a new bearing collapse 10 mins out of the yard doing about 80 on the motorway causing the car to veer across 2 lanes narrowly missing other vehicles. Sold lights that they knew couldnt be adjusted, i was told by 1 of their salesmen ( 2wks later) that they have had lots of problems with these lights and customer complaints. I got new suspension fitted and they forgot to tighten the three bolts on the top of the offside strut. After complaining i was told that neither the bearing going or the bolts not being tight would or could have caused any accidents. The RAC disagree with them.
After spending roughly �5.5k at the garage i was told today that they no longer wanted to do any more work on the car as my wife had complaind about the previous problems and the owner didnt want any more complaints. So they must know that their staff are incompetant.
All these problems have been fixed since but in my eyes the strut and lights should never have been a problem as for the bearing we are still waiting for the manufacturers report.
It would be nice to hear if anyone else has any dealings with them good or bad and also to warn anyone who is getting work done by them to have the garage triple check it, just incase.


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Peugeot Ecosse. Any problems?

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