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new central locking fob?? or how to overide immobiliser

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rhylie | 21:07 Tue 01st Aug 2006 | Motoring
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Hi there i have a 97 chrysler neon but the central locking/immobiliser fob has ceased to work.Has anyone any ideas on where to get a replacement fob or how i could by pass the immobiliser to get the car to start??

urgently need help thanks in advance


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Regrettably, the only way which you're likely to get a quick solution to your problem is to contact a Chrysler dealer. It's a common problem, so it shouldn't take long to sort out, but it's annoying to have to pay main dealer prices when the fault is simply the failure of a small battery which will have cost less than 5p to manufacture.

Find your local dealers here: spx?ID=251,0,,,&m=

Surely you have tried a new battery, available even from halfords, if you have and it does not work then as Buenchico says a main dealer is the only thing left.
I just found out about this site - they may be able to help you.
I'ver also read that it is possible to bypass the immobiliser by removing a fuse, but I don't know anymore than that or exactly how you go about it.

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new central locking fob?? or how to overide immobiliser

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