anti pollution fault Peugeot 406 coupe

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mkt | 16:48 Fri 19th May 2006 | Motoring
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I've driven Peugeot cars for years with very few problems but i've got a 406coupe on a 53 plate and seem to be having nothing but problems. First off i noticed a very high pitched continous drone whenever we wanted to listen to the radio/cd. Its taken over a year and many changes of radio, cables, cd changer etc to finally stop the noise. This is just one of a catalogue of annoying little things. To make it worse out local dealer has been the complete pits. As i say it took over a year to get that fixed. The car has been in an out over the last year more often than i've been to the doctors in my whole life! Their customer service skills are below awful and on so many occasions we've taken the car in only to be told they cant do it so come back another time (appointments were booked). All of this has cost us a fortune in petrol costs aswell as lost earnings and we havent even had as much as an apology (or even a smile from most of them!)

Anyway after all that moaning...we had the car back yesterday and when we turn the ignition we are getting a message saying anti-pollution fault. This has come up previously but we were told that everything was finally right with the car. As you can imagine we're reluctant to start going back and forth to the dealer again so are wondering if anyone else has had this problem and if you know how we can get rid of the message! We're pretty sure it's a computer fault and not actually anything to do with its anti pollution capabilites!!



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Hi there, sounds like a nightmare.. Ive often had warning messages come up on the screen about my breaks being faulty but my friend is a peugeot specialist and said that sometimes the computer gets ****** and just says anything it likes.. but in your case depending on how old the car is the particulate filter on the exhaust generaly needs changing around 90,000 miles. not sure if this applies to your car... and i would take your car to someone who has more time because the dealers are crap!!!!! good luck... lee

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anti pollution fault Peugeot 406 coupe

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