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Focus ST

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Spartacus84 | 23:10 Sun 14th May 2006 | Motoring
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Ok so I've made up my mind and ST it is. So, having been to a few local dealers in manchester can I get one??? NO!!

They're on a 12 - 16 week wait. Is this really worth it?? Plus they won't really budge on their price!!

What happens if I agree a trade-in price for my current car and 12 weeks down the line they turn around and say they'll offer me �2000 less than original. Can they do this??


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you should have a word with an independant supplier!!

they can usually get the motors quicker and can save you a bundle as well!

The latest edition of Test Drive magazine (only �1.50) might interest you. I've passed it on now but I remember there was a section in it about the price of the Focus ST3. They rang several suppliers and got the car supplied almost immediately with around �2,000 off.

Best of luck. Nice car!
This is fate telling you to go for the Golf ! If its your own money your spending then I would personaly go for the Golf. You'll always be able to resell it and in a few years there wont be as many yobs driving them round in burberry caps.
NO NO NO Jay70. This is fate telling him to go for the new Civic Type R. Triangle exhausts are the way forward.

Focus ST? It won't last more than 30,000 miles. Civic Type R? Absolute trash. You're much better off with a Golf GTI. Or a BMW 125 Sport.

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