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bmw 3181

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les1 | 19:16 Wed 19th Apr 2006 | Motoring
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thinking of buying a 318i on an L plate only done 32000 miles one owner from new but not had book stamped.He is local to me and seems genuine, any thoughts and what about the car itself.


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sounds a bit strange only 32k but no stamp on the history, it must be absolutely mint to be true, check all the wear and tear places, like the kick plate (or where it would be) on the drivers door and the drivers seat in the place it wears when you get in and out. also the gear knob and steering wheel. also check the engine bay and see how dirty it is but dont count on this as a main reason to buy or not to as anyone could easily steam clean it. its your call they aint too bad as cars go, i wouldnt pay over the odds for one tho

ask to look at old mots certs too
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If it's the digital speedo, then a trick is to check and see if a small red dot has appeared in one corner of the speedo (I'm not at liberty to tell you which corner sorry).

This is an anti-tamper system on the mileage on BMW's.

If a red dot is present, the mileage has been altered.

On a slightly different subject, Mercedes keys (if taken to the dealership) can tell you the last mileage of the vehicle when the key was last used - good eh?

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bmw 3181

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