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imprezashit | 15:46 Thu 06th Apr 2006 | Motoring
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I am looking to mod my car, and I mean everything. At the moment, while I am saving for my full body kit and chromes, I am on a budget of around �20.00 p/w. Does anyone know of any cheap mods I can get for my car on this budget, as I am looking to get 'a mod a week'.


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i wouldnt bother

k&n air filter

but the best performance part i find is go faster stripes. lol

or super unleaded

Red paint is 10% lighter than other colours due to red absorbing less light. If you paint the whole thing red (including the wheels and tyres and windscreen), it'll add about 20bhp per tonne.

I would answer, but I find your screen name too offensive!
Question Author
Its OK Impret-Sir, I didn't want to hear from you anyway.
-- answer removed --

sunstrips are cheap and easy to fit, make sure you get someone to help and take your time n use soapy water.

colour coding certain things always makes em look beta,not too much dont want it to look tacky, not that cheap either but does make a difference.

If you put underbody neons one at a time you can prob do one a week,

colour code bits under the bonnet or interior but as before dont overdo it, u can do this with just areosols but follow instructions on tin

whateva you decide to do please please dont cover it in stupid stickers, there is enough idiots ruining good cars this way

What car have you got...this will affect what mods we suggest.
Question Author
Sorry, I have a saxo vts

ha ha - you have a saxo and deem an impreza bad???

Fair enough impreza's are made from recycled japanese bean tins, but saxo's are made from plastic panels, and the best way to de-value them is to mod them.

Grow up and but an adult's car you pillock

Question Author

Right, gouldc. Thanks for your input but if you've got nothing useful to say why did you waste your time posting a reply to call me a pillock.

Thanks for your comment about devaluing my vehicle. If you had read the question properly you would have seen that i want to mod my car and not increase the value, Stupid!

Grow up and give an adult's answer, otherwise dont bother. Bye Bye

*********** I can see you will have a big future on this site, the AB community as a whole really like people who come on here with offensive screen names and then proceed to insult others who are just expressing their opinions.
For the record, as you asked, 'modding' a Saxo is such a cliche that as roomster has said, its not worth the bother, you can see hordes of them every day 'cruising' around city centres, stereos blaring, loud exhausts boasting about performancel that the engines can never actually have. All of them driven by pimply, baseball cap wearing chavs with more money than sense or taste. The mistake these drivers make is believing that they are being 'different' and making their cars 'individual', when in fact the truth is that they actually look like a thousand other tarted up little tin boxes parked up round the chip shop on a Saturday night. These little cars have the build quality and class of a tissue box and although they are quite entertaining to drive when standard the added weight, and the detrimental effect on the cars aerodynamics of a lot of ill matched body kits, spoilers and other plastic crap will do nothing but slow it down and ruin the handling. Plus, if you dont write it off, which is is a distinct possibility, as none of you guys can drive as well as you would like think you can, when you go to sell it it will have devalued enormously, as only somone with the same lack of taste and mechanical appreciation as you will want to buy it.
Imprezas may be rubbish inside, but they are built in a way that your little tin toy could only dream about, by people who know a thing or two about building performance vehicles and no amount of bolted on tat from the Ripspeed catalogue will enable a Saxo to compete.
Now I will sit back and await your brilliantly witty and incisive riposte. (Not holding my breath).
Question Author

Thanks Impret-Sir. I really enjoyed your response.

With regards to your comments on my offensive screen name, its only offensive when someone like you put too much on a piece of metal that drives you from A-B.

The reason for this question was to gain ideas for moding my vehicle's appearance, for my personal satisfaction. I dont recall myself saying that this car is a super machine with lots of rallying or speedway qualities.

As I understood it the answerbank would be a place where I could get some USEFUL comments on my queries. My 'witty comments' only come out because people of your calibre post comments which are not helpful and are only trying to put people down.

I also like your comments on rallying your impreza. I live in a town, I drive my car around town, which apart from the motorway and dual carriageway, boasts speeds of 30 and 40. Personally I dont see the point in having a fast car when you can only do 30/40 in it.

Now, as previously suggested to gouldc, if you dont have any constuctive comments, dont waste my time by posting your criticisms on here!

Seriously - modding a car does not increase the value - especially to insurance companies - I am a claims handler, and take great pleasure in informing people that their undisclosed modifications (which lets face it, at �20 a week will make it look like you coverted your car in superglue and ram-raided Halfords) do nothing for the value of your vehicle.

If you feel the need to drive around in a car that looks good, but something tidy in the first place.

Car modifiers are generally mocked by the public for all the right reasons.

I for one love stuffing saxo and clio driving idiots at the lights in my beemer. I enjoy it even more because I badged my 325 as a 316, and ther eis no stupid kit, neon lights or anything on it.

Plus I hate that dance music the car modding fraternity listen to, so once again, using the technical expertise I gained from previously being a fully qualified motor mechanic and sparky, I crank the volume up and destroy their lives with a good blast of Rammstein at the lights before I leave them looking like they haven't taken their handbrakes off.

Your screen name is insulting to anyone (not just Impreza owner's), who can (a) afford to drive something that a spotty ****** couldn't afford, and (b) knows better than to insult anyone with a better car than they have.

Why not go on a Max Power forum, where they can also mock you mercilessly?

Out of curiosity, does your 14 year-old girlfriend like your "mota"? lol

I'm also a big Rammstein fan and that could be just the mod he's looking for- you could get two Rammstein albums in one week on that budget.

That's my mod tip!

Yes - I find Rammstein is a welcome distraction to blue neon washer jets flashing to the beat of yet another 1980's pop track that's been murdered/remixed and played in a small hatchback.

Don't know whether it's because these idiots just don't know real music when it hits them, or because it's in german (let's face it, most of them can barely speak english - innit mush!)

Question Author

Thanks for your comments, they really did make me laugh.

why is your BMW badged a 316

I like your superglue-ramraid comment, gouldc. That's a good description.

Out of curiosity, why did you change the badge from the 325 to the 316?

the 3 series is badged lower because children who have just passed their tests and drive mummy and daddy's cars think it's funny to burn away from the lights and leave the angr ylooking man with the mohican sitting there in his underpowered saloon.

However, the grins soon disapear when I beat their 0-60 time of a fortnight and they learn not to mess with someone who knows what they're doing

Traffic light tactics! That's the first time I've heard of somebody lowering the badge.

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