peugeot 306 diesel fuel pump

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tony1941 | 20:05 Tue 21st Feb 2006 | Motoring
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The fault appears to be the stop solenoid, but we can't find it!! The Haynes manual says it's on the top right for a Lucas unit, (which it looks like) but there is a gold coloured cover on the right hand end. How does it come off??

Any suggestions please!!


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think its on by pop rivets drill them out n take the cover off sure its under there

Yes, it is under there. Sometimes these pumps are fitted to coded security systems, which would be pointless if the would-be thief could just bypass the fuel stop solenoid, so there is that great bit metal shield bolted over. unfortunately, it means that if your solenoid fails (which can happen, and has happened to me), which is the most likely part of an injection pump to fail due to thier brilliant levels of engineering as a rule, you have a hell f a job getting in. To be honest, you are far better taking it off and doing it that way - for which you will need to lock the engine in position of course. I had to drill the rivets out to get to mine, theres no other way i know of.

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peugeot 306 diesel fuel pump

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