engine flush?

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astraman | 09:29 Thu 16th Feb 2006 | Motoring
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Should i use engine flush before an oil change?


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Engine flush is a usefull tool to help prolongr the life of your vehicle. however it should be used every other oil change and you must change the oil filter aswell. follow the manufacturers instructions on how to use it as it varies between brands. the proffessional's choice is made by Wurth. it is available at some retaillers and is worth trying to hgunt down. whilst doing this i would recommend either cleaning or changing the spark plugs if a petrol vehicle.

What a coincidence, astraman, I have just opened up to ask the same question !

Just got back from National Tyres where they recommend an engine flush prior to a standard oil and filter change. I think there is some controversy about this in the trade and I think billryans has got it about right. Let's wait and see.

I don't really see the point in this unless you have allowed your engine to get gunged up to the point normal oil changes cannot keep it clean. Best spend the money on more frequent oil changes.
depending on the type of journeys u do depends on how the engine gets clogged up... i.e short journeys can destroy a engine in no time as the oil is designed to work efficantly at certain temperatures, i would only use the engine flush if the oil is solidifying in the engine as it can actually cause engine wear if used to often, as what ur doing is washing all the oil of the major internal engine components, which need to be covered by a layer of oil, using the correct oil and semi-synthetic or full-sythentic and changing the oil frequently... u should have no need for engine flush..

Hi Astraman

Engine flush should be used with care on older vehicles. Any vehicle that is over say about 4 yrs and has never had an engine flush could have problems if flushed out. Proffesional garages now use the brand Forte as opposed to Wurth.

Ive always questioned the advantages of engine oil flush,ive never used it,ive always been happy with the conventional oil and filter change,but i have heard of garages that have accidentally left in the engine flush mistakenly thinking that the oil had been changed. Now that would wreck the engine! I believe that when engine oil flush is used ,the vehicle should only be revved to a fast idle for about ten minutes or so,if you dont use flush at least you cant mistakenly leave it in. Redline the engine once a week for a couple of moments,when warmed up,that will decoke it as well as any additives...not when stationary though!

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engine flush?

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