clio air bag light

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johnbikemad | 22:55 Wed 08th Feb 2006 | Motoring
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my sons clio air bag light has come on and according to the book it is a service light . how can you servive an air bag and how much?the light is on permanently. thanks


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You cannot service the airbag yourself it must be done by the dealer, it is fitted with an explosive device!

Ask the question at site.

It does not mean that it requires servicing but that the system has a fault. This is often caused by loose connections on the cables which go to the seat belt ''lock'' (for want of a better word), the cables often run under the front seats to get to the seat belt ''lock'' and can get kicked and disconnected, have a look around under the seats for any cable connectors which are loose or unplugged.
Hi there, i have had the same problem eith my 2001 clio.
the light kept coming on. before you try the re-wiring why dont you try the following as it worked for me.
place your keys in the ignition but don't trun the key, hold the reset mile counter on the dash down (the button near the total mileage) then turn the key to pre-ingition!!! there will be a bleep and then dials/rev count etc will start to move up and down. leave this for a few minute and hey presto the memory is wiped clean. this worked for me. it will not reset anything i.e radio . this worked for me. please let me know if it works for you.


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clio air bag light

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