How Many Cars Have You Owned In Your Life?

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ladybirder | 19:05 Wed 27th Apr 2022 | Motoring
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I was staggered to realise I had owned 20, not all at the same time. I wonder how that figure stands against others here.

The only car I ever had that was appreciating in value got stolen 2 days after a man at a garage in Otley gave me his card and said if I ever wanted to sell it, give him first call.


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Have a trip down memory lane, LB:
16:48 Thu 28th Apr 2022
I think that I'm on my 6th car but it might be my 7th, as I've a feeling that I might have forgotten one (or even two, maybe). My little grey cells aren't what they used to be these days!
My first car was a Rolls Canardly , it would roll down one hill but Canardly get up another
eight, over 50 years. Started with a Mini, ended up (so far) with a Jazz about the same size.
12 for me but I tend to keep cars until they conk out for good. My current and previous were both Merc SLKs, my 3 before that all Toyota Celicas.
6, I go by the colours! yellow, red, silver, white, black and now silver with a black roof. My first one was second hand but I bought the others new
18 so far.
15 is my 'guess' first one a Morris 1100 bought before Uni out of my gap-year earnings and I won't say anything about how the windows would steam up, especially in a Duddon Valley car-park.
I've only ever had 1 actual new car, a red Honda Prelude (gorgeous car)my husband bought it for me about 6 months before I left him and he took it back in the divorce :-)
I shall have to count out loud.

First white
Second green (unlucky green it crashed)
Third blue Renault
Fourth blue Estate
Fifth blue Ford
Sixth maroon Audi
Seventh Blue Peugeot
Eighth red Vauxhall
Ninth black VW
Tenth red Toyota
Eleventh probably soonish!
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Same here Chris, I might even have forgotten some as well.

LOL Brian.

I've had a mini too jno and got a Jazz at the moment.

Prudie I tend to keep mine until I see something I like better:-)

Helen , time to add som more perhaps.

Never bought a brand new car Ellie. I took advice that the price dropped so much in the first couple of years that then was the best time to buy.
I only ever owned one car, made famous by OFAH. A plastic pig, aka reliant robin, I had the van version the Rialto. Had it for just 2 years. Done lot of driving in that time.
13 or 16 if you count three mini vans.
Like others, memory may be a bit hazy, but think I'm on No 19.

Had one Honda Prelude nicked off the drive and then back wheels of replacement Prelude nicked three months later - Hmmmm.

Best Car: BMW325i by far (and I've had some brilliant cars).

Two rabbits and a hedgehog standing on the roadside.

The Hedgehog says "I'm too scared to cross cos I'll get splattered!"

Rabbit One says "Naaa, all you have to do is walk into the road, wait for a car then when one comes just make sure you are in the centre of the headlights and the car will pass over you without a scratch."

"I'm not convinced!" says Hedgehog,

So Rabbit Two says "I'll show you."

He runs into the road, a car comes and he positions himself in the middle of the headlights. The car passes over him without a scratch.

"Okay!!" says Hedgehog, "I'll take your word for it and try it myself."

Hedgehog walks straight out into the middle of the road and gets SPLATTERED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rabbit One looks at Rabbit Two and says "BURGER-King!
Trust a Reliant Robin to come along."

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My favourites were the two RAV4's I owned. Both 3 doors. If they were still being made I would get one tomorrow but I think they stopped in about 2005 and I don't want one that old. As soon as they stopped producing the price started to rise of course.

Vans count netherfield.

I had 1 out of 20 stolen so captain you hit worse than me, 1 out of 19.
I had one stolen too. Mr M was in hospital, I had to work late and took an hour out to visit him before visiting hours finished. I went back to work and got home at midnight. I got up early to call in on him again before work, went to the side street where the car was parked and it had gone! That was my first and last Ford.
They still make 'a' RAV4, ladybirder, although nothing like the ones you and I remember; and a tad more expensive than they used to be!!!
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Yes captain but they make only 5-door RAVs now and there's only me and my little dog so a 2 year old 3-door would be great.
17 cars (inc 6 company cars)
4 vans
3 8 wheel tippers
1 artic tractor unit and 2 trailers

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