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Is 7Mm Brake Pad Bad?

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StyleMonkey | 14:31 Sat 16th Apr 2022 | Motoring
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Is a 7mm brake pad quite bad? How thick are new brake pads?


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// Brake pads with a thickness of 3 millimetres or under should be replaced.// - MoT spec.

I would not want to go below 5mm. At 7mm. you've got a few miles left. (new 8-12 mm.)
New, 8 to 12 mm. Ideally should be more than 6.5
A new brake pad is typically 10mm thick (plus or minus 2mm). The legal minimum is 1.5mm but the RAC suggest that brake pads need changing if they're down to 3mm:

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Is 7Mm Brake Pad Bad?

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