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The M60 Car Park.

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10ClarionSt | 16:37 Sat 26th May 2018 | Motoring
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Anyone who uses the M60 in North Manchester will have endured nearly 4 years of frustration. The original schedule was for 3 years, to July 2017. The "work" is still ongoing. Since it started, I have seen nothing being done. They started by placing cones and temporary barriers at the side, then narrowed the lanes. They removed lots of signs from the gantries, and have not yet replaced them. I cannot, for the life of me, see anything that has been added, changed or improved. The stretch of the M62, from Rochdale leading onto the M60, has acquired 3 new gantries and a new central barrier. That stretch overran by 6 months. There was a statement issued a few months ago that said the project was behind schedule because there had been problems encountering pipework and cabling that had not shown up any previous plans. The original was laughingly called upgrading to smart motorway, which,we are told, will not be fully operational now. Everyone knows the joke about the poster showing a young child asking drivers to take care because "my mum works here", but no-one has ever seen her working. Or anyone else for that matter. It just seems like 4 years of frustration to no avail and a complete waste of money. Apart from that, everything's fine! :o)


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the M6 currently has 20 miles of "upgrade" works between J19 and J16, soon to be joined next month by a further 17 miles between J15 and J13; both have a posted "end date" of 2022. If you're heading further south, another 23 miles of "upgrade" will await you from next month from Northampton southward, again with an end date of 2022. anyone using the M1 further north will already have been delayed by the 7 mile long scheme around east midlands airport, and the follow-up works arising from the J19-J16 scheme that should have been finished earlier this year.

you really shouldn't feel picked on, 10C!!
i personally feel its been better to drive whilst the 50 mph limit has been in force
Before I gave up my car (2017) I discovered something amazing. Try the old roads !!!
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It's not the 50 mph limit, nor do I feel being picked on. There are constant queues on the M60. It's not often it flows at 50 mph. I want to know what they've been doing for the last four years. That was the main thrust of my OP.


Whenever I travel to the West Midlands, or the South West, I try to avoid the M6/M5 debacle and use the A49 instead. It's actually a nice drive. Might take a bit longer but no motorway gubbins.
J8 M6 M5 interchange. Nightmare. J16-J19. M6 avoid at peak times drivers go off at junctions only to re enter at onslip, bringing traffic to standstill.
The workers get frustrated too. They are on restricted hours so have to sit about waiting to start work.
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Doing what? I can't see anything that they've done on the M60 apart from cause disruption. A few new features have been installed on the M62, and that took 3 1/2 yrs. We're being taken for mugs on this.
Exactly what they have been doing:

There’s also a Twitter feed to update you
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Thanks Zacs. They've been at this now for nearly 4 years and are 12 months behind schedule, and they have yet to erect new barriers, new lighting, electronic signage?! W T F have they been doing all that time, apart from disrupting the local area? The notice says it will be beneficial to local businesses. Oh yeah? What about the disruption it's caused for the last 4 years?
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BTW, I don't do Twitter. Or any other social media. But thanks anyway.
I really wish people would get over their prejudices about social media. You can use it as you see fit. Don’t be swayed by tabloid style scare stories or the anachronistic ‘here be dragons’ ramblings of some on here. I use Twitter to keep me up to date with all my interests. The M60 feed is a good example of it’s practicalities.
“The workers get frustrated too. They are on restricted hours so have to sit about waiting to start work”. I have a male boyfriend of a relative who works call out on the motorways. He gets paid £400 + per week whether on call or not.
Should have read It’s a boyfriend of a relative. lol
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Zacs, don't bother yourself with what you perceive as my prejudices. Social media has never appealed to me from the off. I've never signed up to any of it. And never will.
Males can have boyfriends apparently - well ,that's what I'm told

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The M60 Car Park.

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