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The Best Economical " Big Car " ?

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dieseldick | 08:25 Sat 02nd Apr 2016 | Motoring
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i have a citreon ds3 2012. its cheap to run and insurance is not high. is a bit rickety and not the same drive as like driving a bigger car such as audi a4 though i fancy a change , because my daughter wants us to start going on camping trips in summer to uk and south ireland which i also want to do . so i need a bigger car. but i do not want something which is going to be sore on fuel , insurance, parts , tax etc. i was looking at a darcia stepway yesterday , great fuel consumption and low insurance and tax but they feel and look cheap and basically crap. i would even go for an estate car with plenty of boot room which would suit my needs if extra space is needed for trips i can buy a roof box.

so, which car would you recommend ? and why ? thanks


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We got a new Citroen Grand Picasso a few months back, really impressed and very economical.

A really nice car indeed!
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just at this minute reading reviews on the citreon cactus, seems good value for money. or the renault captur.
You'll get about 55mpg from the diesel Merc C class, Audi A4 and BMW 320d estates.
Citroen claim the Grande Picasso Diesel gives 74.3 MPG, it is excellent but maybe not quite that good.
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peugot 2008 is the one i will maybe go for, looks good its big with lots boot space, bit higher on insurance than other 2. though i have just paid my yearly insurance on the ds3 i dont suppose my insurance company will give me anything back so may wait untill new insurance year then go for a change.

btw , seems insurance premiums are way up this year !!
Renault Kadjar? Good reviews plenty of engine sizes to pick from. Good MPG reasonable insurance, plus plenty of room for the camping gear, worth a look.
Isn't the Renault just a re-badged Nissan Qashqai?
I have a citroen C5 2003 model which has genuinely returned 50 mpg at 70 mph on long motorway runs in Spain but for mixed town/country driving 40mpg is more realistic.

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The Best Economical " Big Car " ?

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