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Mould Under The Rubber Seal Strips

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Graudian | 13:40 Mon 16th Nov 2015 | Motoring
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My allocated parking spot is under a tree and I have found
a green mould build up under the rubber seal strips.

I obviously brush it away but not very effectively. Is there a spray
on the market which will clear & protect my car?

Thanks for any advice.


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Try a fungal wash, such as used/intended for patios.
HG Mould Spray is excellent.
It can be bought at hardware stores and from Amazon.
Question Author
Thanks for both suggestions.
I very much doubt that it's mould...most likely algae-like plant material - very common in damp places under trees. Wiping with DILUTE chlorine-bleach solution should remove and help prevent return. Take car around paintwork!
Question Author
Thanks gingejbee. I'll follow through on all the advice.

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Mould Under The Rubber Seal Strips

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