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slimfandango | 13:26 Fri 09th Sep 2005 | Motoring
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Do child seats have to be fitted in the back of a car (not the front), by law?


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Not necessarily, although experts say that they are safer in the back.  I would balance that with the risk of the driver being distracted by tending to a child in the back (if there is no other adult in the car).  The important thing is to fit the seat correctly and not to use it in a seat that is unsuitable for it.

This site gives good advice.

It would have helped if I remembered to give the site

When mine were small you could use a child seat in the front of the car but if the car is fitted with a passenger airbag THIS MUST BE DISABLED.  Things may have changed since then so best to try the highway codes website.
As Jay70 said you can use them in the front but any airbag MUST be disabled as they will do more harm than good if the airbag inflates

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Child seats

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