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pretty_snowdrop | 21:49 Wed 06th Nov 2013 | Motoring
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I have just changed car insurers and have been asked to provide proof of NCD and I am happy to provide this. This is the only time in 20 years of driving i have been asked for proof and i often change insurers. Are companies clamping down or will it be just company policy? I am just curious, any ideas?


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Strangely enough I've been for proof for the last couple of years but not this time round. It varies from insurer to insurer.
I`ve just renewed and have been asked the same. I don`t remember being asked before - I suppose people could lie about it so I can see why insurers want proof.
It is only because you've changed insurers. If you look at your insurance schedule very closely, you will see there is not a word on it about how much NCD you have, so the extra bit of paperwork is asked for as proof.

I am mystified why they are unable to share this data electronically, like they're supposed to with everything else.

There is also the aspect of fraudsters who cancel monthly payments the minute they get the papers through the letterbox. They will be caught out when it comes to producing NCD proof because they've lost continuity of cover.

Is it NCB, no claims bonus ? Normal to give evidence with new insurers
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I change insurers most years and have never been asked before.
They probably just want to update your records with confirmation from you
//I change insurers most years and have never been asked before. //

Interesting. Are you saying they used to just take your word for how many years you'd built up?

I've been asked to submit the document in two consecutive years, when switching to companies B & C but, when I went back to company A, they didn't ask to see the paperwork but possibly because they have a number of years of my driving history on file or the quote questionnaire asks about claims in the year prior, or they are using a nationwide electronic database.

Whenever I change insurers I am asked to provide evidence of NCD which is a bit of an inconvenience because the insurers here in Ireland seem to dilly-dally and send renewal notices out about thirty seconds before your policy is due to expire with an auto renew clause hidden in the small print. However when I was living in the UK they never went looking for this, saying they could check themselves with my previous insurer.
I did mine on-line today through gocompare and chose Saga, saving £36 on last year, and filled the part in for NCB.

Just near the end before I had to click on send to buy, I had to select out of a list of 100s, one of the insurance company's I was with the past year. Didn't have to do it last year.

I suppose if you said you had 8 years of NCB, and you only had 3, and you had an accident, it would make you insurance void!
I changed this year but was never asked.........
just make sure all material facts are disclosed in writing, don't rely on the agent saying over the phone "yes I've entered that". My broker failed to enter a non fault accident, a speeding ticket and a medical condition that came to light when I filled out the claim form when some berk drove into the back of me at the lights.
I proudly told one prospective insurer that I'd made no claims in over 15 years and was disappointed to learn that the industry standard is a maximum of only 7 years. Or to be pedantic, the maximum allowable discount is achieved at 7 years.

There may or may not be companies that give smaller incremental discounts and it might take longer than 7 to get to the max with such companies, so being told that you can accrue higher than 7 years actually is NOT a good thing.

You see what they did there?

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