Bmw E91 Driving Lights

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shiznit | 16:40 Sat 21st Sep 2013 | Motoring
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Fitted some LED bulbs from Halfords, staff recommended. Now getting a CC-ID 131 code. Surely you can fit aftermarket bulbs, and not BMW approved only

Any help gravely appreciated


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A 'daytime light' fault should , it seems, show up as code 378 or 379. This page suggests that there's a separate (and presumably faulty) parking light, generating code 131:
Perhaps you knocked it while fitting the other new lights?
Were you replacing LED bulbs with LED bulbs? Many "load sense" bulb-out systems don't like you swapping incandescent bulbs for LEDs without adding some sort of load balancing resistor(s). Check on one of the Beemer owners forums for advice.
If you are replacing filament lamps with can get direct replacements that don't register error-codes. A site like this can help:

They are very helpful and very, very quick at despatching.
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Thanks everyone for your answers. Sorry for late reply, didn't get any notification e mails bah. I'll try that site ginge thanks. It's all totally cosmetic, I want white sides to match my headlights that's all. Replaced standard filaments with the LED's, other BMW has angel ayes but not forking out 300+ for a conversion, thanks again

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Bmw E91 Driving Lights

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