Looking To Change My Car ...suggestions Please

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MustangLady | 11:29 Mon 10th Jun 2013 | Motoring
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I currently drive a Honda Civic (2005) and love it. However I'm finding it increasingly difficult to get "down" into a motor and am looking to purchase a vehicle that I can get "up" into, as such. Can anyone suggest a vehicle? prefer Diesel (as for some reason I have always found these to be more economical). No more than 7 yrs old and about 2.2Ltr. Price range upto £6000 (would consider part-ex my car). Don't want one that going to be too expensive on insurance though. A big criteria but any suggestions for reasonable to run 'high' vehicle
would help. Thank you


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i am looking to do the exact opposite :) i am finding it increasingly difficult to get up into my car, which is a mercedees a class!
Honda CRV or Honda FRV
Kia Sportage or Sorrento
Toyota Rav4
Suzuki Jimny

Check autotrader for prices
Honda CRV as WYorkie says or Suzuki Grand Vitara would be my choice. The Suzi comes in a smaller 3 door version which is good for towns and parking.
Jimny's are great but are basic, small and I don't believe they do a diesel.
Vitara was what I meant shoota - brain ache today!!
How about SUV? Here are the list:

Ford Maverick
Nissan Qashqai
HYUNDAI ix35/Tucson
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Thank you all. Now I have some makes/models, I'll check them out on autotrader. Appreciate your advice.
Go to auto trader , I got full price on there.
Don't go "We buy any car" you'll get offered half the price you want.

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Looking To Change My Car ...suggestions Please

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