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Flashing Light On Dashboard - Renault Clio!

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netibiza | 14:23 Mon 03rd Jun 2013 | Motoring
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Can someone help befor Mr N gets home ;-(

My car is about 10yrs old and this am it was juddering in 1st and 2nd gear then this red round/triangle sign kept flashing in the bottom right hand corner of the instrument panel, then the car smoothed out and the light went off but mostly when I changed gear it started flashing again, I was terrified and stuck to the country lanes and finally got it home, seemingly OK again. There is petrol and water and oil, so no idea. Can anyone help, thanks.



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What's the make and model of the car?
Question Author
renault Clio Ex. 1.2 %p (which I think means 5 doors) that's all I can find out about it.
Question Author
The light does not appear in the central panel with all the other lights, it's down in the right hand corner!
Question Author
5p not %
You should find out what is wrong at this forum...........
Question Author
A toxic fume warning light, after googleing for 2hrs hours, but I didn't smell anything bad.
This looks like the manual for your car

I can see a layout of the panel on page 1.40

This is a better view

Could it be a circle with a ! in the middle it's in the right sort of place?

that's the Brake fault light - it indicates the handbrake is on or that there is a fault with the brakes - you might get this is the brake was sticking on which would cause you juddering at low speed too
Question Author
Defo not the brake light, I checked it all.

Have joined that forum but can't find where to post d'oh!
Have a look at the second link - does your dashboard look like that?
Question Author
OK that's the engine warning light, it's the light that comes on when the engine has a problem and there's no more specific light.

You need someone at a garage to plug a computer into the car and it'll tell them what's wrong.

Quite likely it's an engine sensor of some type.

The engine has a number of sensors that tells it how much air is going in, the engine temperature, how fast the engine is going etc etc all sorts of things that lets the on board computer run the engine efficiently and smoothly.

The sensors don't have an unllimited life and if one fails the engine will run badly and you'll get a light like this.

Sorry it's not just a 'top up oil light'
Question Author
Thanks for that, I knew it wouldn't be something simple, I understand those ones, well at least I can now convince Mr N that it is not my bad driving that has caused this:
I very much doubt that

BTW I did once have my wife leave a message on my phone about a red warning light on her car that was like a circle with brackets on both sides - shortly before leaving another one saying 'Oh that's the handbrake light isn't it - don't worry about that last message'
Question Author
ha ha jake-the-peg! Well update, it was spark plugs and two new spark plug leads, 154€ the lot, I am so relieved it wasn't the clutch or big end, and it drove liek a dream coming back from garage! Thanks for all your help, cos I could explain to Mr Netibiza that it was a engine warning, otherwise he would have ignored it and the car would have died!

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Flashing Light On Dashboard - Renault Clio!

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