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anyone recommend a small car with big boot!

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clarelouise | 13:31 Fri 15th Jul 2005 | Motoring
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Hi there,

I am currently learning to drive and when I pass I want a small car to start of with until I gain my confidence.

I want something small like a toyota yaris or fiesta etc.

something small but we have 2 children and 1 is only 9 months old and so I have the pram to think of in the boot.

It's like a graco pram which is fairly big when folded.

I tried to get it in the boot of my brother-in-law's daewoo matiz last week and no way would it go in.

Anyone recommend something that is samll to drive,large boot,low insurance and tax,prefer under 1100cc.

Any advice would be great.

Many many thanks.




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Hi, ClareLouise

I've recently bought a 15 year old Honda Civic saloon and it's got a surprisingly large boot.

Your best bet is to hassle local car dealers and see if you can get all your stuff in then, they won't mind you wasting their time if you seem keen.

Then of course you can decide what to go for and buy privately without getting labelled a timewaster from the general public.

Small honda civic would be nice yeah, hatchbacks are pretty much bomb proof.

Or you could get a little Renault Clio for peanuts.


It's probably best to include in your post how much you plan to spend on buying a car then other users can provide suggestions on what your budget will buy you.

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thank you for your replies.

That's a good idea about taking the pram to the car dealers and then looking private.

I wouldn't want to waste anyones time buying private.Putting the pram in and then it doesn't fit.

Answer to the last post is we are looking to spend around �3000 maximum.

I have found some lovely cars for that amount but insurance seems high on some that I have looked at.

Something about 5 to 6 years old.

low insurance, 1100cc or less as I won't pay as much tax,large boot and not like a bus to drive around.

You get the general idea!

Hope that helps.

Thanks for the suggestions.


Honda Jazz!   My g/f has one, and with the seats down it is a real load lugger.   Plus ok to drive, good spec and famous Honda reliability.   It wins all the comparative tests.

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anyone recommend a small car with big boot!

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