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Purchased car from garage, accused of putting in wrong fuel

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sjwright | 09:19 Sun 21st Oct 2012 | Motoring
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My little brother bought a Diesel Vauxhall Astra from a local car supermarket, within the first week it had become apparent that there was something not right with the engine, it was loud at low revs. A family friend who used to be a Vauxhall technician had a look and suggested something was up with the injectors.

We took the car back to where it was bought who sent it to Vauxhall where a new turbo was fitted. The car super market are now saying that the damage was done due to Petrol being put in the car, and they say they have a fuel sample although they won't let him see it for himself. This simply is not possible that my brother could have done this, we've checked his fuel receipts and they confirm that he's only put Diesel in. We've also called the garages where he's filled and they have confirmed that he's only bought Diesel from them.

What should he do now? We straight refuse to accept that he is responsible and refuse to incur the cost of the Turbo replacement as a result. Thanks in advance for your help.


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Trading Standards?
Yep, sounds like they are trying to wriggle out of it.
how did they get the fuel sample ? and to be honest you have to pretty clued up to determine its petrol/diesel mixed.
What was Vauxhalls reason for a turbo failure ? they must have an idea.
sorry ,didnt read the post properly,car supermarket took it to Vauxhalls so they could of got a sample of fuel.
Still odd though, being in the trade we deal with misfuelled vehicles on a regular basis and in reality it very rarely if ever causes engine damage despite what people say.
the problem with having the receipts is that it doesn't prove anything. Neither does ringing the garages (although how they know what fuel they sold him is utterly beyond me)
Question Author
All's well that ends well. I spoke to the car supermarket and said that the wrong fuel hadn't been put in, and called their bluff by saying "obviously he's bought contaminated fuel, so we'll need their fuel sample for our case with trading standards".

They backed straight down, and said they were merely suggesting that he may have put the wrong fuel in and that this wasn't necessary. They agreed to pay for the repairs and admitted the car 'may' have been sold with the issue with the car. A complete U turn, but we got the result we were after.

Thanks for all your help and suggestions

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Purchased car from garage, accused of putting in wrong fuel

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