Will I miss out a month's road tax buying a tax disc online?

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JonnyBoy12 | 12:13 Sat 08th Sep 2012 | Motoring
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My road tax is due for renewal at the end of this month and am thinking of getting the new tax disc online. I have been told, on good authority, that this is the best way of doing this but have a query about this method.

How do I prove that I have got both insurance and MOT online? I also would like to know would I lose a month's road tax by doing this? If my current one runs out at the end of September this year could I get a new one to run til September 2013? I do not want to lose a month's tax by doing it this way.

Many thanks for your kind and speedy replies for my many questions.


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Your insurance and MOT details are stored on computer, they check the records when you get your tax online.

"If you want the tax disc to start on the first day of the next calendar month, you can tax your vehicle from two working days before the end of the month at a Post Office or five days before the end of the month online or by phone."
1) you don't need to prove it, they have it on database
2)no, if it runs out end of sept and you renew for a year, it'll run out the end of next sept
If you are insured and MoT'd it picks it all up automatically via DVLA
Everything is computerised now
when you get insurance and mot they are logged at dvla when they are purchased /not sure about if you miss a month prob knowing them
"prob knowing them"

What a silly thing to say.
Having the insurance and MOT online allows the police to use computer on their cars to "scan" number plates as they drive around, and it comes up on their computer if a car is missing insurance or MOT.

This is called the Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) system.

If you watch any of those "cops" reality shows on TV you can see them using it a lot.

It also comes up on their computer if a car has been involved in any robberies or accidents, or if the person has not paid car fines or whatever.

Great way of catching people who have not got insurance.

Pity there are still some parts of the country where about 30% of the people are driving round in uninsured cars. In Birmingham this is mostly Asian areas, but the police are not allowed to "target" these areas due to upsetting race relations.
I've just had my reminder through, JB, and it says in red letters "do not renew on-line before 5 Sept" otherwise I'll lose a month. I'm planning to do it in the next few days so the new one comes through well before the 30th.

The answer to part 2 is - they know, MOT and insurance are all stored electronically now against your licence plate number.
Only other issue is when your insurance renewal is due. If your insurance 'runs out' at the end of Sept as well, the site will probably say it can't issue a VED disc (this used to happen all the time on my old truck and I had to go to the Post Office and show the insurance document). Now my new truck has its VED due 2 months before insurance so no problems any more. Have used the online road tax site for several years now with no problems at all (save that one). Also, be aware they charge 2.5% to use a credit card, but debit cards are free.

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Will I miss out a month's road tax buying a tax disc online?

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