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ABS sensor failure/repair

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Answerprancer | 22:22 Mon 18th Jun 2012 | Motoring
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My otherwise wonderful and fun-to-drive Ford Puma recently failed its MOT on ABS/TC (warning lights lit up on the dashboard). I just spent half a day sorting it out. I tested the impedance on the connectors and found out which sensor had failed.
The bolt that held the suspect sensor in place was seized so it had to be smashed to bits to remove it.
I went to Euro Car Parts for a replacement, put it in, took the car for a drive to get the 'self test' to kick in. It all worked.
To turn this into a question: does anyone else have any Ford Puma (or related) ABS sensor failure questions they would like to ask ? :-)


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What are the steps to checking the impedance of sensors? Ignition on/off what meter, what setting.
Well done, ABS sensors are a pain in the butt.
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Hi Bob - you unplug the sensor and check the *other* end - ie. the plug that leads to the actual sensor, so it doesn't make any difference if the ignition is on or off. You set the multi-meter to OHMS and touch the prongs onto the two terminals of the plug. The impedance is supposed to be around 1.1K/Ohms for my car, it may be different for others (you'd have to find the figure for a particular car).
Thanks Tony - yes it was.
perhaps you could help these people?

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ABS sensor failure/repair

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