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Why do Some Drivers Think

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ojread2 | 10:51 Sun 10th Jun 2012 | Motoring
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.. that supermarket carp park markings do not apply to them?

Just had a minor argument with a woman (!) who I decided to ask why she thought she shouldn't have given way to me at the give way markings on her side?
Apparently I speeded up - huh?? Irrelevant really, but if I had I'd have hit her
What is it with bad driving these days? I'm not saying I'm perfect, but I expect the person coming towards to at least have a licence!


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The only safe way to drive is assume every other road user is a total idiot .
Supermarket car parks are a nightmare, people are so busy pushing trollys they are in a diffrent world, lost count of the times someone has walked straight in front or behind me with out looking. People drive the wrong way down the lanes , park without thought , open doors straight into your car, let children run all over the place unsupervised , a nightmare no other word for it.
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Quite, Eddie

As for zebra crossings? Dont know why they waste the paint hurumph!
i often wonder why car manufacturers put indicators on cars because the great majority obviously dont know where or what they are for!
outside the car park of the local asda it says "overnight parking of HGVs prohibited".

clearly this is but one example of the adage, "what's the first thing you do when someone tells you not to do something?"

i really don't know why they bothered wasting money on the sign.
There are no rules on supermarket carparks, or so it appears !
I find all normally obeyed instructions - white lines, directional arrows, one-way sytems and zebra crossings are completely ignored in a supermarket car park. It's generally considered a free-for-all off road experience in my local Tesco.
I am so glad I never learned to drive! Being a pedestrian is bad enough when car drivers don't realise that when turning into a side road if there is a pedestrian already in the road then YOU must give way, not expect the person to run to the kerb whilst you blast your horn and swear at them.
It wasn't me honestly, daffy.
While I agree with most of what has been said I do feel that supermarket car parks are often badly laid out. The two branches of Sainsbury are so appalling and that I actually avoid shopping there. And don't get me started on the new Waitrose.........
Prudie - I've noticed the same in my local Tesco car park. Strange,isn't it.
Lol@ tonyav :)

I have had so many run ins with drivers who do what I described above, it is so infuriating because I am not actually physically able to run, my walking stick should give them a clue about that. lol
The others that annoy me are people who don't indicate when turning and those who either don't stop to let you cross a zebra crossing, or drive off before you finish crossing.
I dread the thought of being involved in a collision in a supermarket car park. It's one of the reasons that I usually park as far from the entrance as possible, where there are fewer cars.

It also means I can park where I hope someone wont bang their door, or their trolley, into the side of my car!
I park far away as well...
Yep, the likes of Chips Away make a furtune out of these supermarket trolly incidents.
I made a few quid from them :-)
I guessed you bloody would have lol.
The ones that pi$$ me off are those that think they can squeeze through the gap as you are backing out of a space. Also the pedestrians who stand in the way of your view as you are trying to pull out into a lane that has priority.
Question Author
I'm glad I'm not in the minority here

I've come to the conclusion that many drivers think there is some rule out there that makes all accidents automatically the other drivers fault when it's in Tesco car park :O)
I bl***y hate supermarket shopping for I am a grumpy old man.
yes i know i was shouting.
Question Author
LOL, baza

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