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Jay70 | 14:12 Tue 24th May 2005 | Motoring
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Why do cycling club riders ride more than two abreast and when there a large numbers of them why dont they make breaks between groups to allow cars to pass more safely?.  Its very difficult to pass a group safely if there are no gaps as it is effectively like trying to pass several LGV's.  This is for their own safety as well as that of other road users.  I have posted this after trying to carry out such a manouevore which meant I had to pull in slightly on one who then kicked my car.  Its impossible to get past a group like this in one go unless you have a clear stretch of straight road for a very long distance.  What tends to happen if you dont try and pass is a huge que builds up and the people behind tend to get irate and try even worse manouevores.  I'm not anti cyclist as I do cycle myself but these idiots really are a danger.  As in most things if a little thought and understanding is shown on both sides there is no reason for this to occur. 


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I know exactly what you mean. I'm a keen cyclist myself and very much pro-bike. However, I also drive and find it extremely irritating when cyclists take up the whole road (especially in higher speed limit areas) - its almost like they are doiong it out of provocation.

Self important idiots!

i agree with you both, they bring it all on themselves and then complain when they get injured. like the two of you i am not a "cyclist hater" but they could have a bit more consideration for other people

Well they like to have a little chat and keep in touch with each other. Then they take it in turns to lead and get the brunt of the weather while those to the rear get honked at (no I'm not a cyclist, in the club sense). The wider the road means that the more abreast they can ride with the object being to make it impossible for vehicles to pass without crossing the central markings.

I get frustrated too. ;-)

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Hi mdoo98,  I didn't make it fully clear in my original post but there was a gap between the groups of bikes when I started the manouvore but they closed up during the manouvore so I had know where to pull into and couldn't clear the whole line of bikes.  And before anyone is really pedantic and says a good driver should anticipate this then unless the cyclists do as I suggest or you do get a long enough clear stretch of road which is nearly impossible then there isn't mush chance of anyone overtaking.  I didn't actually cause the cyclist to have to change course anyway or did I get really close to him.  I think he was more upset that it stopped him from being able to overtake another club member for a few seconds. 

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Cyclists Again

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