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in a mo | 12:01 Sun 15th Jan 2012 | Motoring
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WE have just taken delivery of a new Citroen DS3 Sports car ,there are no mud flaps fitted ,they are classed as an extra ,there are so many adverts for new cars but I would have thought that a basic thing like Mud Flaps should be fitted ,water ,chippings coming off the back hitting other cars and the possibility of hitting some ones windscreen.
Yes I do realise more damage is done by HGV's but what do you think.


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I don't think ANY car comes with mudflaps & why should they,
unless off-roader maybe - yours is a SPORTS car - allegedly
Sports car. LOL
Ah, don't be mean Tony, I'm sure 'in a mo' is very proud of their new car.
Yep, I'm sure she is.
Check eBay for your Mud Flaps In A Mo, they will be far cheaper than your dealer, I know what I would have done regards your Car & the dealer? I'll let you think about that.
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GSR The answer to your question "Why should they " is in my original post,as for the Sports Car Jibe it is a Citroen DS3 Sports, Car is added in this instance to denote to those who do not know, that it is not something other.
JD Here Thank you ,yes we are very proud of our new car ,
Tony AV In A MO is MALE although the car is for my wife to drive as unfortunatly I am disabled and also I have serious mental issues
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TWR Yes good call I will be on to the dealer on Monday ,we only thought about when we arrived home yesterday,E Bay good idea, positive post.
Mudflaps are extra on most cars, same as mine. I got mine free as part of the bargaining process when buying it.
Get genuine Citroen mud flaps either from ebay or a Citroen dealer but check which is cheapest.

Do not get mud flaps from ebay that say they are for Citroens they will be rubbish that once fitted look cheap and nasty!

When I wanted mudflaps the main dealer was cheaper than the same thing on ebay!
Agree with toureman- get the genuine article. Anything else won't fit properly and will come off easily sooner or later.

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Citroen DS3 Sports

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