Trouble with airbag light

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manutdstott | 23:13 Tue 20th Dec 2011 | Motoring
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My wife's car Nissan almera 54 plate, airbag light keeps flashing all of a sudden, I begrudge paying Nissan £70+ to sort out a minor issue, I have been advised to get answers of the net but I can't find anything, any ideas people, many thanks


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I have an air bag light warning thing on my car and the people who serviced it said it would be a nightmare to work out what the problem was (they were a proper firm, not some back street cowboys).
im assuming its has seat belt pretensioners ( not over familiar with Almeras ) , air bag lights coming on is often due to the wiring under or around the drivers seat which activates the pretensioners. Constant adjusting of the seat can cause the connections to play up or break contact, worth having a look.

Yes .. check under-seat wiring .. pulled connector or ripped cable.
Repaired a Fiesta recently for a lady .. Jack Russell chewed cable ..
Dealer cost to replace/repair .. £400 quote.
Me .. £50 and a soldering iron/heat-shrink/cable.
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Thank you guys I'll check them out when she gets back, I'll check wiring and try the thing with ignition, if I sort I'll let you know if I don't I won't, cheers people, fingers crossed
I have a Daihatsu in my family whose airbag light has been on for over 5 years and no-one knows why. It's not an MOT failure btw.
(but will be very soon!)
Why? Are you telling?
The DVLA are finalizing details that will introduce several changes in MOT's.
One is introduction of testing safety-related systems and warning lights.
Another is the testing (and exactly what constitutes) a towbar .. and it's electrics.
I think main changes will be ABS .. Airbags and other MIL light indications.
Is that the same car we discussed years ago?
Why didn't they do my 'relay mod'
Might be doing it yet!
It is but that was the ABS light (great isn't it!) and they did do your relay 'mod'. I have to take it to the same garage every time now though!
At least there is one to go to : )

Another relay then : )
A few years ago, my car had this problem (54 plate) each time I started it up the airbag light came on and stayed on, several ECU tests later, new ECU, new underseat wiring looms, tested seatbelt pretensors, and still it wasnt rectified - after all this it was the flippin battery !!! And a leading main dealer couldnt diagnose this...
That's because there is no history of a battery putting an airbag light on.
I certainly never ever heard of it.
That is more likely untested ECU design if that happens.

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Trouble with airbag light

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