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Slowing Down Traffic

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AB Editor | 10:47 Tue 12th Jul 2011 | Motoring
16 Answers

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What is your preferred method of traffic calming?

  • Speed Indicator Display Signs - 67 votes
  • 42%
  • Sign Posts & Painted Road Markings - 33 votes
  • 21%
  • None! - 21 votes
  • 13%
  • Speed Humps & Physical Blocks - 16 votes
  • 10%
  • Mobile Speed Camera - 13 votes
  • 8%
  • Speed Sensitive Traffic Lights - 11 votes
  • 7%

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depends where. can't imagine speed bumps on the m1
We should go back to the days when someone carrying a red flag had to walk in front of a motor vehicle.
I voted B, if A had not included speed bumps and had just been the chicane type physical blocks I would have gone for that though, if you've ever lived in a house anywhere near a speed bump you'll know they are hated by residents due to the thumps transmitted through the ground caused when large vehicles go over them....

(and chicanes are fun :))
or when i am on my bike someone who can run very very fast
Put the petrol up anothe 95p a litre that will do it
I agree with what Chuck says about speed humps. I generally drive round the estate at a very slow speed, but some of the humps are enormous. Our road is a bit of a rat run and people slow down a bit, hit the hump, speed up and then brake before the next one. Our room is at the front of the house and it drives me bananas.
Question Author
Why would you want to slow down the M1 Ankou?

I agree with the speed-bumps comments, I've suffer them in the past before. Also, after a little while they disappear (or they sink in the fens actually...) and you can drive over them normally again.
Actually Ed, in the Fens they probably just get nicked!
I have speed bumps on one road and chicanes on another near me. As Chuck says the bumps are hated by drivers and residents alike. However both like the chicanes, the residents say they're quieter and safer, and the drivers prefer them because it's less damaging to the vehicle. they also seem to work better, with less speeding up between each chicane. Given a choice the majority, including myself, prefer the chicane method. Does anybody know the costs of each instillation?.
the good old days pre 65 when you could do the ton and speed cameras were not even in the eagle with dan dare

I think nature is doing a good job of slowing people down. Instead of having convex road humps we have concave pot holes.

The only answer is futuristic. This involves having wireless speed limiters which are fitted in vehicles and activated from roadside transmitters.
Only 77 votes for the whole of the Answerbank? Surely that is not all of us here? Can we all please vote on this emotive issue, even if it just to say None at all?
Chicanes are a much better concept but only if they include signs showing priority, if they dont then the arrogant drivers who think the road belongs to them alone just charge in and cause even more chaos/accidents.

Humps should be banned as they are a nuisance to motorists and those living near the roads they are on, plus as others have said nature is providing plenty of concave speed bumps that councils cant afford to fix.
I live in a small village on anglesey, the council asked the locals to give their views on having speed bumps installed, the votes were about 17 in favour and 8 against, I was against as they were not needed and would be expensive for the council.

I got a reply saying they already had the money to do it from the EU so they were going ahead.

Where is 'Reduced speed limits' among the options?

Where I live we have BOTH physical traffic calming measures ('speed humps' and 'speed tables) AND a 20mph limit, both of which help to keep my cat safe!
Chicanes are OK until the road is covered in snow!

Then (with the white lines covered and the kerbs no longer visible) it's a nightmare trying to work out where the road ends and the footpath starts!

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Slowing Down Traffic

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