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2 Years Between MOT: Will You Take On Car Maintenance?

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AB Editor | 10:34 Tue 19th Apr 2011 | Motoring
18 Answers
With the Government considering changing the time between MOTs to two years from one, will you be waiting until the next MOT or diving under the bonnet to give it your best shot?

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What will you do when you only need to MOT your car once every 2 years?

  • I will probably take my car to the garage if I think there is a problem before the MOT is due - 18 votes
  • 38%
  • I will deal with the majority of my car issues (as I do already) - 13 votes
  • 28%
  • I'll wait it out until the MOT is due - 11 votes
  • 23%
  • I will deal with minor car issues like changing headlamps - 5 votes
  • 11%

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lol I never do anything t6o my car until it screams at me lol It still has passed it's MOT 5 years in a row with just the odd woper blade or suspension coil, nothing over 50 quid needed doing. this last lot of oil has lasted a few years too,
Changing a headlamp on a Citroen Picasso is NOT a minor car issue! It involves the pliers, a torch, a mirror, the nimble finger work of a surgeon and the patience of a saint.
Can we have another answer Ed. "Him indoors will deal with the majority of my car issuess as he does already"!!!!!
It depends what time of year it is TBH.

In the summer I don't mind doing anything that needs doing to my own car.

In the winter I'd more often take it over to the workshop and service department at work and ask them to do it.
What car do you have Dotty? I want one!
It's a red peugeot W reg 307 I think, or a 306
Can I select 3 options?

If so, I'll take the second and third from your list and I'll add my own.

3: Post a question in Motoring, asking about a strange noise my car is making, whilst avoiding giving any specific details that might help and being as vague as possible. Then from the answers that will all start with the words, "It might be...", I'll pick the one that suits me most/sounds cheapest and continue to ignore it.
I go nowhere near my car, or van, horrible oily dirty things lurk under the bonnet :0(
Question Author
I've heard that Booldawg, same with the Megane - the front bumper needs to come off or something? A friend tried to replace his Megane headlights without and ended up with bug-eyed headlights!
Try (or rather don't, you will regret it) changing a headlamp bulb on a Vauxhall Zafira.
A few years ago, it took a Vauxhall fitter, plus me, over half an hour to do so. Amongst other things, we had to remove the indicator assembly, for the simple reason that it was directly behind the headlamp, making removal of the bulb holder physically impossible otherwise.
as fleet manager i try to encourage the staff to have any problems dealt with as soon as. doesn't always happen tho :-(
I read about a Halfords employee needing several stiches after slicing up his fingers whilst replacing a Picasso headlamp. I did manage to do it, took about 30 mins to got it right.

The reversing lamps arent working. I'm waiting for next service/mot to get the mechanic to do it. Neither me nor the lady at the local motor factor shop could work out how to get into the rear light cluster.
None of the above - I get the fleet manager to sort out the problems on my company car
i had an audi a6 a while back and you had to dismantle half the engine to get enough room to change a small sidelight bulb. i could have left it, but the bloody warning light on my dash kept going off, driving me bonkers. but it was ok, as replacing one on the drivers side meant that i was experienced enough to replace the one on the other side that went wrong a week after.

bloody lectrics.
Question Author
Thanks to everyone for the responses!

Spare Ed
Why is the Government considering this change? Surely safety and road worthiness are paramount and the main reasons why we have the M.O.T test, or have i just missed something?!
Question Author
I think the idea is that most cars are much safer and better build than they were in 1960 (when the test was introduced). New cars are exempt for 3-4 years I think - which is a bit long in my opinion.
I think it is a bit of an odd question to be fair, I think that I will still get my car serviced which is an entirely different thing to the MOT. then get the MOT done when due. To me the MOT is just the exam, I would always expect my car to pass as the service is where I would expect all the general maintenance to be done.

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2 Years Between MOT: Will You Take On Car Maintenance?

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