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BRIGHT SPARK | 17:56 Fri 09th Jul 2010 | Cars
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Ive got a crx vtech thats only used in the summer and ive noticed that the coolant is bubbling back into the expansion tank.The cooling fan cuts in about three quarters up the gauge. Could there be a fault with the rad cap or the fan switch or both? TIA.


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Has the car been using water? start the car up get it to operating temp put the heater on to hot & see if the heater warms up, take the car for a good run ( 1hr) return when the car cools check if the car has used any coolant, you MAY have a sticking thermostat.
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If the stat was sticking would the rad and hoses be hot?
I would think yes, but how hot are you talking about?
A good drive about will probably get the air out.
Unlikely to be anything else.
Certainly not sticking thermo.

You can feel thermostat opening if you hold hoses as warms up from cold. When stationary, top and bottom hoses will get equally hot after opening before fan starts up.
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Both hoses are too hot to hold onto for more than 5 secs.My concern is why is why is the dip tube in the expansion tank blowing out steam.Could the system be too hot or is the cap weak.
Hi again, there appears to be a build up of pressure within the cooling system, the coolant is obviously not circulating, you have either got Slug within your Rad or what I stated in the first instance, you can try what you stated ( The rad cap) but I have my doubts about that) Try whats been stated take the car for a long run.
Slush / Debera
You do not get sludge build-up in a system that contains inhibitor .. just sitting there for a while.
Problem will most likely be air, as stated.
Hoses are both hot, so thermo is open and you have circulation.
That's strange Albags, my sons car had similar problems, I done what I stated, problem solved with respect to your answer.
Some cars are prone to radiator sludge build-up.
I think design of radiators better in Jap cars.
Yes, you are correct on that.
The other thing of course, is Iron blocks and heads generate more sludge chemically.
Many Jap engines have high alloy content. Blocks, heads, components, etc.

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