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Saxo 1.1 Engine Hesitating/spluttering.. Loads of smoke out exhaust!!

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laurensaxo | 12:13 Sun 24th Jan 2010 | Cars
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I was wondering if anybody could help...?

Came back from uni to my saxo 1.1 forte , has been sitting in the drive for about 2 months now, through the snow etc, started it up a few times, but gave it a 'drive' the other day loads of grey smoke gushing out the exhaust , the engine was very spluttery and struggling to gain speed. I drove it back home worried I would cause damage.

I looked at the oil and all looks okay, haven't the first clue what could be wrong.. but seems pretty serious, could hardly move beyond 30-40. Maybe because the cold and hasn't been driven for a few months?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks,



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Sticking valve / valves, snow / water in fuel.

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Saxo 1.1 Engine Hesitating/spluttering.. Loads of smoke out exhaust!!

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