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NIP produced for undue care and attention and speeding

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BBarnes | 23:21 Sun 22nd Mar 2009 | Cars
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This evening I was pulled by the police and my vehicle siezed. Reason being that I was driving with undue care and attention. I was at a roundabout waiting to go straight on, next to me was a mercedes (in turning right lane). I progressed straight over the roundabout but he then did the same, cutting me up. I had to break hard and used my horn. I have a witness next to me and in a car behind me. An unmarked police car pulled me over. I have been accused of driving with undue care and attention also speeding. Because I had a section 59 issued to me 11months ago for a quad that I have (which I was accused of using in a field when I wasnt even here) he siezed my vehicle, insisting that I go to the police station to produce my documents. When I went to the police station the officer would not listen to my explantion nor the witnesses. He has absolutely no proof in reation to the speed I was travelling at (I was not speeding) he also accused me of not knowing where I was, as I did not recognise the road he referred to (I do not live in that area). He then went on to say that the other driver was lost and did I not think that. Because I slammed on and used my horn (to let the other driver know I was there) he is accusing me of dangerous driving and also speeding... I wasnt doing either. It has now cost �150 to recover the car. The police officer was on his own and has no evidence, which in this case woudl have proved I was not driving over the speed limit. It is my intention to see a solicitor about this but wondered if you had advice.


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NIP produced for undue care and attention and speeding

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